Race Mongrelman
Gender Female
Class Fighter
Alignment Neutral Evil
Deity Lamashtu
Background Hunter, Underground Scavenger
Ability Scores
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
16 20 14 10 12 5
Point buy equivalent 25

Wenduag is a Companion in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Companions assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and equipment they begin with.


The deadly and cunning huntress from the mongrelmen tribe left her home to travel to the surface with her new commander. She inhabited a harsh and brutal world where the weak inevitably became prey for the strong.

So she chose to be strong. Is there anything in the world she wouldn't do in her quest for power, or will survival always remain her primary instinct?


Wenduag Information

Wenduag joins your party with the following build:

Class: Fighter 1
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Brew Potion
Skill Ranks: Lore: Nature (1 Rank), Perception (1 rank)
Background: Hunter, Underground Scavenger


How to Recruit Wenduag

  • Wenduag joins you in the Prologue.
  • If  you don't show Light of Heaven to chief Sull, she will stay with the party after rest, instead of Lann.
  • Wenduag can join the party instead of Lann, if you pick the Demon Mythic Path dialogue option before the boss fight in Shield Maze. Showing Light of Heaven to Sull does not change that, and if you do not show Light of Heaven to Sull, and pick Angel Mythic Path dialogue option before said boss fight, then she can also join you.
  • If Lann joins in Prologue, you may later recruit Wenduag in ACT 3 in Lann's personal quest, only if you picked Angel Mythic Path dialogue option before the boss fight. If you choose Wenduag at the end of the Prologue however, Lann will not be able to join you until act 5, and only if you chose the right options in Wenduag's act 3 quest, as well as in her act 5 quest.
  • LATEGAME SPOILERS - click to show
    In ACT IV, Wenduag may betray you in quest Bad Blood. To prevent her death, you need to side with her at the end of Shield Maze, and finish her personal quest in ACT III. Or, you side with Lann, and during Lann's personal quest choose the [Evil] diplomacy option and pass the check, telling Wenduag that serving in the Crusade is a great honor, one that she's not worthy of. If you do this, you'll be able to spare her and she'll run off, and you'll be able to recruit her in ACT 5.



Wenduag Related Quests


Wenduag Builds




Build 1

4 Fighter/ 16 Cult Leader

16 STR/ 24 DEX/ 14 CON/ 10 INT/ 12 WIS/ 6 CHA


Level Take
2 Warpriest
3 Warpriest - Weapon Focus: Throwing Axe
4 Warpriest
5 Warpriest - Rapid Shot
6 Warpriest
7 Warpriest - Accomplished Sneak Attacker // Two-Weapon Fighting
8 Warpriest
9 Warpriest - Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
10 Warpriest
11 Warpriest - Improved Critical: Throwing Axe
12 Warpriest
13 Fighter - Dazzling Display // Shatter Defenses
14 Warpriest
15 Warpriest - Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
16 Warpriest
17 Warpriest - Double Slice
18 Warpriest
19 Fighter - Hammer the Gap
20 Fighter - Weapon Specialization: Throwing Axe

Build 2

Wenduag Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide – In this Wenduag Build Guide, I’m going to break down the best Archetypes to multiclass with, Attributes, Skills, Feats, Mythic Path and Equipment you should take for Wenduag to make her Melee Build as lethal as possible. With this Companion, we’ll be multiclassing with the Archaeologist Bard and Dragon Disciple to significantly boost our Strength. If you’re looking for an effective DPS Build that deals massive Melee Damage using a Reach Weapon, then this Wenduag Build Guide is for you.

Wenduag’s Build is mostly focused on improving damage to be able to eliminate enemies quickly. On the other hand, her attacks are penalized due to the Power Attack Feat, in exchange for more damage. However, it’s still decent as she’s able to take advantage of a lot of other Feats, regardless of multiclassing, to compensate for this. Wenduag also has commendable Armor Class (AC) that can further be enhanced depending on the Equipment she wears.

Details: Here

Build 3



Wenduag Dialogue

During A Conversation With Lann
  • Lann: The human half of Lann's looks decidedly pale. "Life's a funny thing, isn't it? You find yourself in a new city and suddenly you bump into an old acquaintance..." He chuckles, but his expression is closer to a wince than a true smile. "Savamelekh is here, in Alushinyrra."
  • Wenduag spits on the floor, grinning strangely. "You felt it too, Lann? The bloodthirst, the soft whispers calling you to give in to violence? Finally paying attention, are you?"
  • Lann: Lann looks puzzled. "Uh... No. I don't hear any whispers and feel no bloodthirst... Wendu, see a healer. I think you're just insane." Lann and the huntress glare at each other.
    • "Sava-who?"
      • Lann: Lann looks at you with disapproval. "Very funny. I know we're surrounded by demons and they've all got tricky names - you can't be expected to remember all of them. Savamelekh is the one who's been kidnapping mongrels for ages in the caves and turning them into insane beasts. We've met him. Scrawny-looking guy with a long tail."
    • "How do you know he's in Alushinyrra?"
      • Lann: Lann offers a vague shrug without looking you in the eye. "I feel it. You know, it's like a scent - you smell something unusual once in your life and remember it forever. That feeling I had in the cave when Savamelekh was turning the mongrels into beasts... it's back. Like some cloying, nasty stench that's clogging up my lungs. Like I fell into a latrine and can't swim. Excuse the analogy."
    • "Assuming Savamelekh is here, where should we look for him?"
      • Lann: "Now that I don't know. But this thing... it seems to grow weaker and stronger as we move around. So if you put me on the scent, I'll lead you to him like a hound."
    • "All right, we'll find Savamelekh's lair together, Lann."
      • Lann: Lann nods. "The right thing to do would be to just raze this whole city to the ground, but one demon's lair will do to start with."
      • "Take me with you master! I can feel him too, but my senses are more finely honed than Lann's. Savamelekh's poison runs in my veins."
      • Lann: "I never thought I'd say this, but... that might be not such a bad idea."
    • "I don't have time to deal with a mongrel vendetta." 


Wenduag Tips and Notes

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia



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    • Anonymous

      range fighter is such a joke, literally 0 dps in any serious boss fight.
      better play her as wit caster. you can find +4 wit head in ACT 3 and +6 in act 4, so not too far from lv9 magic.
      she can still use bow to kill mobs

      • Lann's personal quest choose the [Evil] diplomacy option and pass the check, telling Wenduag that serving in the Crusade is a great honor, one that she's not worthy of. If you do this

        Im confuse on this Which one of LANN Personal Quest to be able to tell him that "Evil" Diplomacy quest..

        • Anonymous

          I just started the game and I'm wondering if I just lost all the gear that was equipped to get when she leaves the party

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