Woljif Jefto

Race   Tiefling  
Gender Male
Class   Rogue (Eldritch Scoundrel)  
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Deity Calistria
Background Pickpocket
Ability Scores
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
10 20 13 18 10 10
Point buy equivalent 32

Woljif Jefto is a Companion in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Companions assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics.


As the descendants of demons, tieflings are not the most respected or trusted of Mendev's citizens, to put it mildly. However, a few minutes in conversation with Woljif is enough to see that it isn't prejudice working against this particular tiefling - it is his puddle-deep personality, his membership of one of Mendev's biggest thief gangs, and his chronic inability to stick to anything, even his own principles. Woljif sees you purely as a convenient way to solve a few of his problems. At least, for now.


Woljif Jefto Information

Woljif joins your party with the following statistics:

Class: Rogue (Eldritch Scoundrel) 3
Feats: Weapon Finesse, Scribe Scrolls, Two-Weapon Fighting, Double Slice
Skill Ranks: Mobility (3 ranks), Perception (3 ranks), Stealth (3 ranks), Trickery (3 ranks), Use Magic Device (3 ranks)
Background: Pickpocket
Rogue Talents: Weakening Wound
Finesse Training: Daggers


How to Recruit Woljif Jefto

  • Woljif Jefto can be found in the basement of Defender's Heart (Quest Out of Parole).  Note that he will disappear from the basement after the first assault on Defender's Heart, so be sure to recruit him on first meeting. If you do not recruit him before this occurs, he cannot be recruited.
  • Woljif Jefto will temporarily leave your team after quest A Blow from the Sky. He will later return in quest On the Cusp of Abyss.
  • In the quest Dark Moon Rising, your choices with him up to this point in the story will decide whether Woljif gets the human ending or the demon ending.


Woljif Jefto Related Quests


Woljif Jefto Builds

Build 1

4 Scoundrel/ 16 Vivisectionist

10 STR/ 24 DEX/ 14 CON/ 18 INT/ 8 WIS/ 12 CHA


Level Take
4 Vivisectionist
5 Vivisectionist - Dodge // Feral Mutagen
6 Vivisectionist
7 Vivisectionist - Improved Unarmed // Combat Trick => Crane Style
8 Scoundrel
9 Vivisectionist - Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
10 Vivisectionist - Feral Wings
11 Vivisectionist - Outflank
12 Vivisectionist - Infusion
13 Vivisectionist - Accomplished Sneak Attacker
14 Vivisectionist - Crippling Strike
15 Vivisectionist - Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
16 Vivisectionist - Greater Mutagen
17 Vivisectionist - Improved Critical: Dagger
18 Vivisectionist - Enhance Potion
19 Vivisectionist -Weapon Focus: Dagger
20 Vivisectionist - Grand Mutagen

Build 2

Woljif Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide – In this Woljif Build Guide, I’m going to break down the Archetype to multiclass with, Attributes, Skills, Feats, Medical Discoveries, Spells, Mythic Path, and Equipment you should choose in order to take advantage of Woljif’s Sneak Attacks. We’re going to multiclass with the Vivisectionist Alchemist to stack these attacks and to buff ourselves with Mutagens and Spells. If you’re looking for a way to efficiently eliminate enemies up close with a Dual Dagger Melee Build, then this Woljif Build Guide is for you!


By default, Woljif’s Eldritch Scoundrel Prestige Class is average at best. It aims to combine the best features of a Rogue and a Wizard, however, it isn’t very effective. You don’t get Sneak Attacks as often as you should and your Spell Slots per level are too limited. Your Armor Class (AC) or how difficult it is to hit you is also low to begin with, which means that you often need to be micromanaged just to stay alive in Combat.

As such, we’re going to multiclass with the Vivisectionist Alchemist. Not only are you able to take Sneak Attacks at every other level, but you also gain access to Medical Discoveries. These provide you with Attribute and defense buffs, which can be activated prior to the start of an encounter. You also perform an additional Natural Attack on top of the Melee Attacks you execute with Daggers.

Details: Here

Build 3


 Woljif Human Versus Demon Choices

There are certain choices that will influence whether Woljif gets the human or demon ending at the end of the game.
Act I "I've stayed with the Family for too long..."
  • "You deceived the people who considered you a friend." (Good, Human)
  • "Atone for your crimes by serving the crusade." (Lawful, Demon)
  • "You did the right thing by not giving away the amulet." (Evil, Demon)
  • [Shrug] "It's your business not mine." (no alignment shift, Demon)

Act III (After meeting up with Woljif  post-disappearance) "What if it's a trap?"

  • (Good) "Just think about how much you can do for the crusade now!" (Demon) 
  • (Lawful) "Your demonic heritage won't lead to anything good." (Demon)
  • (Chaotic) "I've never seen anything like this! You need to use its power with caution, and we'll keep an eye on how the amulet works from now on." (Human) 

Act IV (Abandoned Mansion) "Watch, Commander. Once he gets a taste of this power, you will never be able to sway him again."

  • "Woljif, you're not a lonely child anymore." (Human)
  • "Do you want to be worthy of the power of Ygefeles?" (Demon)
  • "Disgusting. You really are weak and pathetic." (Demon)
  • [Say Nothing] (Demon)

Act IV (Abandoned Mansion, Thieflings) "You'll bask in their adoration!"

  • You can't make them love you. (Human)
  • Enchant them. (Demon)
  • You know, he's right. (Demon)
  • [Say Nothing] (Demon)

Act IV (Abandoned Mansion, "What do you reckon, chief?"

  • Take your power and destroy the old Woljif. (Demon)
  • To win, I need you and all the loyal friends I fight alongside." (Human)
  • I don't care. Do what you think is best. (Demon)
  • [Say Nothing] (Demon)

Woljif Jefto Tips and Notes

  • ??
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia



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    • Anonymous

      I like him as an Arcane Enforcer, higher hit points still a decent amount of Sneak Attack, Supernatural abilities that ignore SR, both defensive and offensive good ref and will saves, extremely higher BAB which means more attacks per round, and higher-level two-weapon fighting feats. Even if you don't like him as a TWF you can easily switch him to Archer using Arcane Enforcer since it still gets bonus feats like a rogue, or rogue/slayer talents. Also resource management for the Arcane Enforcer is much easer than Vivisectionist, or Eldritch Scoundrel. Woljif is probably one of the most versatile characters in the game because of his high int and his high dex, there are multiple ways to build him.

      • Anonymous

        4 Eldritch Scoundrel - +1 Con
        5 Arcane Enforcer - Armored Mask, Dodge
        6 Arcane Enforcer - Improved Unarmed Strike (Archmage Armor)
        7 Arcane Enforcer - Crane Style (Two Weapon Fighting Mythic)
        8 Arcane Enforcer - Dimensional Slide, +1 Dex
        9 Arcane Enforcer - Accomplished Sneaker, (Full Reservoire)
        10 Arcane Enforcer - Crane Wing
        11 Arcane Enforcer - Crane Riposte, Wooden Flesh (Weapon Finesse Mythic)
        12 Arcane Enforcer - +1 Dex, Improved Two Weapon Fighting
        13 Arcane Enforcer - Greater Two Weapon Fighting
        14 Arcane Enforcer - Lightning Lance, (Defensive Study)
        15 Arcane Enforcer - Outflank
        16 Arcane Enforcer - +1 Dex, Slippery Mind or Crippling Strike
        17 Arcane Enforcer
        18 Arcane Enforcer
        19 Arcane Enforcer
        20 Arcane Enforcer

        Does everything the Vivisectionist does, but gives your More BAB, Higher HP, Better saves, 2 additional Slayer Talents to pick from, 2 more feats to pick from, 1 more Arcane Exploit to pick from, and of course you should dump all stats into Dex by this point.

        • Anonymous

          The only companion in the game that doesn't feel like a waste of class and stats, buildwise.

          Lots of sneak attack damage, get him some bonus spells and extend to spam haste non stop.

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