Zacharius, "Toward Eternity"

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This book grants a +1 competence bonus to DC on a spell with death descriptor.

Zacharius, "Toward Eternity" is a Miscellaneous Item in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.


Zacharius, "Toward Eternity" Information

This book grants a +1 competence bonus to DC on a spell with death descriptor.


"The forced reclusion that once seemed a curse to me is becoming more bearable now that I have access to materials to work with. In my current straitened circumstances, my only diversion lies in scientific endeavor and exercising my mental faculties.

Creating witless undead from crude components is the preserve of ignoramuses incapable of conceiving an original thought. With the application of even the barest effort and magic, any necromancer can unlock the true potential of our art. By availing oneself of the school of transmutation, several incomplete bodies can be turned into a single construct that markedly improves upon the capabilities of the raw material. However, even the most ambitious mages pursuing the path of necromancy rarely decide to take that final step and transform themselves in the same fashion as their own creations.

Why? What drives such powerful revulsion to undeath among those whose life is criminally short? Perhaps the reason is fear of the gods, whose will these mages violate when they dare to meddle in the supreme order of things. Perhaps the instinctive disgust that arises when encountering eternal travelers in death is caused by the decay and desiccation of the corporeal sheath. Perhaps it is sentimental attachments that weaken the resolve.

Not every mortal is capable of ascending to lichdom. Each one of us who has attained such a state has traveled an entirely distinct path from that of our peers, but we were united by one and the same goal, to which we drew nearer with all the inevitability of a knife hurtling toward a heart. In truth, ascension begins not with knowledge of the art of creating a phylactery, nor with books on advanced necromancy, but with the creation of an inimitable and incorruptible ideal in the mage's soul — the ideal of immortality."

  • Cost: 13 gold icon pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide 20px
  • Weightweight icon pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide 20px 2 lbs


Zacharius, "Toward Eternity" Notes & Tips

  • Zacharius, "Toward Eternity" can be found in the Lost Chapel, in the northeastern room in the basement.

zacharius toward eternity location

  • This item's bonus is obtained by reading it.
  • Only the player character can gain the benefit of this item.
  • You do not lose this item's bonus if you respec your character.



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