Glasses are a type of Armor in Pathfinder: Wrath of the RighteousGlasses are a piece of Armor that provides protection and various other bonus to your characters. Goggles and Glasses are categories of an armor piece where the player's characters can equip it for their eyes. Each pair of eyewear armor piece contain its unique defensive stats, effects, bonuses, skill checks, and more when they are equipped. Googles and Glasses are usually obtained as rewards from completing quests, purchased from merchants, looted from various locations, crafted, or are dropped by enemies and bosses. Below you can find a list with all glasses.





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Goggles of Malocchio 4 lbs. These googles grant the wearer a +10 competence bonus on Perception checks. Whenever the wearer confirms a critical hit with any bow, the target becomes disoriented 1d4 rounds, suffering a -4 circumstance penalty to initiative checks, attack rolls, Athletic and Perception checks.
Goggles of Dreadful Judge 4 lbs. If the wearer of these goggles has the Judgement class feature, they grant 2 additional uses of it per day. They also grant a +5 competence bonus on Persuasion skill checks made to intimidate
Goggles of Ferocious Pact 4 lbs. The wearer gets a -2 penalty to AC, a -5 penalty to Persuasion skill checks, and a -2 penalty to Fortitude saving throws but gets a +4 bonus to damage rolls, a +3 bonus to Will saving throws, and a +2 enhancement bonus to Wisdom score.
Goggles of Pure Sight 4 lbs. These goggles allow their wearer to take 20 on their next dispel magic attempt once per day. +1 bonus to caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance.
Goggles of Mad Scientist 4 lbs. The wearer of these goggles is under constant confusion effect.
Cinder Goggles 4 lbs. Whenever the wearer of these goggles casts a spell with the fire descriptor, there is a 10% chance that the spell (or spell slot used to cast it) will not be spent.
Eye Sealed in Crystal 4 lbs. These googles grant their wearer a +2 circumstance bonus to AC against gaze attacks. In addition, they increase the saving throw DC of any gaze attacks the wearer makes by 2. They also grant a +4 bonus on saving throws against hexes.
Goggles of Piercing Gaze 4 lbs. These goggles grant their wearer a +1 insight bonus on attack and damage rolls against outsiders, as well as a +10 competence bonus on Persuasion skill checks.
Rascal's Goggles 4 lbs. These goggles grant their wearer a +10 competence bonus on Perception and Trickery skill checks.
Goggles of Mind Control 4 lbs. These googles grant their wearer a +2 inherent bonus to caster level, and increase the save DC by 2 for all mind-affecting spells the wearer casts.
Goggles of Quick Grasp 4 lbs. These goggles grant their wearer a +15 competence bonus on Persuasion skill checks as well as ll Lore and Knowledge skill checks.
Seal of Madness 4lbs. These glasses allow their wearer to use the Maddening Gaze ability three times per day.
Seal of Jubilex 4lbs. These glasses are made of a very thick crystal. It's difficult to see through them, thus, the wearer suffers a -2 penalty to attack rolls. However, whenever the wearer lands a first hit in a melee against a new enemy, the target must pass a Fortitude saving throw (DC 32) or be petrified and becomes vulnerable to sonic damage for 3 rounds.
Ratcatcher's Goggles 4 lbs. These goggles grant their wearer a +2 bonus on damage rolls against swarms.
Colorless One's Spectacles 4 lbs. This is an intermediate step of relic creation.
Broken Trickster   This mask grants its wearer immunity to poison and a +6 bonus to Wisdom and Charisma ability scores. It also makes it impossible to identify the wearer's alignment. Whenever the wearer takes damage of any energy type, they gain resistance 20 to this energy for 1 round. Whenever the wearer takes physical damage, they gain DR 20/- for 1 round.
Eyes of the Eagle   These goggles grant its wearer a +5 competence bonus on Perception checks.
Glasses of Undeniable Truth   The wearer of these glasses is always under effect of the true seeing spell. They also grant the wearer a profane +2 bonus on Initiative rolls. When equipped together with the Robe of unspeakable truth, they also grant the wearer a +2 competence bonus to Intelligence ability score.
Trickster's Promise   Thee times per day, the wearer of this mask can take a quick action to gain energy resistance 20 for 3 rounds against one of the following energy types: acid, cold, electricity, or fire.
Lenses of Prolonged Gaze   These lenses make it easier to keep an eye on someone. Worn by a powerful Aeon, they grant 3 additional uses of Enforcing Gaze per day.


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