Crafting in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous features the in game system that enables players to create various Magical Items through fusing acquired raw Materials. Currently, crafting is an exclusive Feat unique to producing Magical Items, specifically Scrolls and Potions. To begin crafting, players must first acquire the two respective feats, namely, the Brew Potion feat and the Scribe Scrolls Feat. Players may then obtain various Mythic Feats to further boost the levels of the items they create. Additionally, in order to craft potions, players must first obtain the Alchemist's Kit, and as for scrolls, the Scroll Scriber's Kit. Each item can then be crafted by following its specific Recipe. This page serves to include all relevant information regarding the crafting system in the game.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Crafting


To begin the crafting process, players must first obtain and learn the recipe of the respective Magical Item. The process shall then be assigned to a character in the party who meets the required caster level corresponding to type of item's craft feat. The assigned character will spend his/her free time scribing the scroll or brewing the potion with the ingredients according to the learned recipe. During this time, the assigned character must pass a Knowledge, Arcane, Lore, or Religion skill check against a spell DC, with the help of a secondary assigned character.

Scroll Scribing Recipes

Recipe DC Reagents Materials Chance of Success
Scroll of Bane 11     90%
Scroll of Challenge Evil 15      70%
Scroll of Cure Light Wounds 11      90%
Scroll of Cure Moderate Wounds 13      
Scroll of Cure Serious Wounds 15     70%
Scroll of Divine Favor 11      
Scroll of Effortless Armor 13      
Scroll of Haze of Dreams 11      
Scroll of Boneshaker 13     80%
Scroll of Prayer 15     70%
Scroll of Stunning Barrier 11     100%
Scroll of Bane 11     90%
Scroll of Bless 11     90%
Scroll of Boneshaker 13      
Scroll of Haze of Dreams 11      
Scroll of Restoration, Lesser 13      


Potion Brewing Recipes

Recipe DC Reagents Materials Chance of Success


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