Romance in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is a feature that allows the player to interact with specific NPCs. In Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, you are given the option to have a romancable sequence with certain Companions and NPCs. But in order to do so, certain conditions must be met such as your character's gender, as well as choosing certain dialogues that lead into a romance, and completing a companion's Quest. This page covers a guide on the romancable characters in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

Tips on Romance

It is important to take note that not all Companions or NPCs are romancable, only certain characters can be romanced by the player. The player must meet certain conditions, such as the character's gender, since each romancable character has their own sexual preference, choosing dialogue lines that lead towards flrting, and eventually into romance, and most importantly, completing a companion's Quest.

In some cases, romance sequences happen during a companion's personal quest, or an event that occurs when you return to your camp or base of operations. There are 6 Companions that are available for romance, and 1 NPC.


Romancable Characters

Listed below are the following characters that are romancable in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous:

Pathfinder: WOTR Romance Guide



camellia companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 250px

Gender Preference:

  • Male Only


A refined, but arrogant and cold-hearted young lady with a tongue sharper than her rapier, Camellia keeps her distance from everyone and seems to prefer the company of spirits to yours. Will you attempt to earn her trust and conquer her heart? Or maybe you are after a thrilling experience? Either way - good luck. When it comes to personal life, Camellia prefers men.



lann companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 250px

Gender Preference:

  • Female Only


Lann is a stoic and sarcastic archer who will pierce your enemies with both his arrows and quips. When you meet him, love is probably the last thing he’s looking for. Mongrels’ lives are short, and he seems more interested in a heroic death for a good cause than in finding a soulmate. But what if he meets a woman worth living for?



wenduag companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 250px

Gender Preference:

  • Male or Female


Wenduag is a fierce and cunning mongrel woman who only respects power, and wants to follow the strongest. Will you be able to show her that there’s more to life than the endless race to become stronger? Will you be able to convince her that there is a place for love in her heart? Wenduag will be interested in a strong Commander regardless of their gender.

Romancing Wenduag allows the player character to permanently gain Mongrel's Blessing, which provides immunity to death effects, poison, and electricity as well as whenever you land a hit in melee, the enemy must pass a Fortitude saving throw or suffer one permanent negative level to a maximum of 10 negative levels per enemy.



daeran companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 250px

Gender Preference:

  • Male or Female


Daeran Arendae is a young and dashing aasimar noble, as charming as he is insufferable. His life is a mix of dark family secrets, whimsical parties lasting from dusk till dawn, scandalous endeavors, and tragedies of the past. Is there a place for love in this whirl? Maybe you would like to find out? Daeran is open for any relationship.



sosiel companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 250px

Gender Preference:

  • Male Only


A kind cleric of Shelyn, the goddess of beauty, love, and art, Sosiel sees it as his calling to help others preserve their humanity at war. Will you become his trusted friend, his muse and a source of love and support, or his dark desire? Only you can decide. Sosiel sees beauty in everyone, but will only start a romantic relationship with a man.



arueshalae companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 250px

Gender Preference:

  • Male or Female


Arueshalae is a succubus who seeks redemption. Her kiss can kill, and she’s afraid to harm people she starts to care about. Will you support her on her path and encourage to follow her dream, or will you make her embrace her demonic nature? Arueshalae is curious about the love mortals experience, and the Commander’s gender doesn’t matter to her.


Queen Galfrey

queen galfrey npc pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide

Gender Preference:

  • Male or Female


Queen Galfrey has been keeping Mendev together for almost a hundred of years thanks to the magical sun orchid elixir which prolongs her youth. She led all the crusades, cheered for the victories of her people and mourned their losses. She outlived most of her friends, and became more of an icon, a symbol that still unites the crusaders to this day. But maybe you are the one who will see a person behind the legend? Maybe you will be the one to offer Galfrey love and a long-desired peace? Both male and female Commanders may have a chance to win the royal heart.

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        I really wish they'd open up the Pathfinder games to mod npcs. Only 2 options for straight females in both? Really?
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          great information how ever your missing one of the most important things of all
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