Companions in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics/Quests. They all have their own  Races/Classes and equipment they begin with. While being in your party companions will react to words you say to them or other NPCs and decisions you make during the crusade. 

You may also recruit customized adventurers from Hilor (he can be found at war camp), for a price. Customized adventurers don't have their own quests. For Lich characters, they can have some unique undead companions.


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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous All Companions

The following companions can be recruited by any character.

lann companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Mongrelman/Zen Archer

Recruited during Devoured by Darkness.
Recruiting Lann prevents you from recruiting Wenduag.


ember companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Elf/Stigmatized Witch

Can be saved from crusaders at Market Square.

arueshalae companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Succubus/Espionage Expert

Can be recruited early from the Drezen prisons if Starward Gaze is completed favorably for the Desnan adepts and the shrine of Desna is completed in the Lost Chapel. Otherwise she can be recruited in Greengates, at the end of the quest Demon's Heresy.

woljif jefto companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Tiefling/Eldritch Scoundrel

Recruited from a cell in the basement of the Defender's Heart.


sosiel companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px


Joins you automatically in the Crusader's Camp after you become the commander of crusaders.

regill companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Gnome/Armiger - Hell Knight

Can be recruited in Reliable Redoubt during the quest By Hell's Ordinance.


wenduag companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px


Recruited during Devoured by Darkness.
Recruiting Wenduag prevents you from recruiting Lann.

nenio companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Kitsune/Scroll Savant

Can be recruited from a random encounter that occurs after visiting Market Square for the first time.

greybor companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px


Recruitable from the quest The Dragon Hunt.


finnean the talking weapon companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Talking weapon

Found at Ancientries and Wonders Shop.




Azata-only Companions

The following companions can only be recruited while on the Azata mythic path.

aivu portrait

Havoc Dragon
Automatically joins your party upon choosing the Azata mythic path.



Lich-only Companions

The following companions can only be recruited while on the Lich mythic path.

staunton vhane undead companion pathfinder wrath of the righteous
Staunton Vhane


Can be reanimated after completing Banner over the Citadel.

ciar companion large


Can be reanimated in the aftermath of an attack against your undead ziggurat that you can provoke in Act 3.

delamere companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px


Can be reanimated at the Temple of the Good Hunt.


kestoglyr portrait wrath of the righteous wiki guide


Can be recruited from the Colyphyr Mines.

queen galfrey portrait wrath of the righteous wiki guide
Queen Galfrey


Can be reanimated in Iz if killed first by the Lich.



 Hidden Companions

The following companions have strict recruitment requirements and can be easily missed.

trever portrait wrath of the righteous wiki guide

2-Handed Combatant / Armored Hulk / Hellknight / Fallen Paladin

Can be recruited from Battlebliss Arena if Sosiel comes to view his brother as a victim and certain conditions are met during Sosiel's companion quests.

queen galfrey npc pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide
Queen Galfrey

Human Paladin

Can be recruited before the final dungeon if she was successfully romanced.
(Requires Angel, Aeon, Legend or Gold Dragon mythic path)



Through the Ashes (DLC) Companions

The following companions are recruited in the Through the Ashes DLC adventure.

rekarth companion dlc

Tiefling Rogue

Recruited automatically during the quest Exit Stage Left.

sendri companion dlc

Gnome Sorcerer (Seeker)

Can be recruited upon entering the Graveyard.



The Lord of Nothing (DLC) Companions

The following companions are recruited in the The Lord of Nothing DLC adventure.

penta companion pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide 300px min

Numerian Companion

Recruited at Frozen Fane. (Break the first ice wall)






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    • Anonymous

      My character looked across the Fairgrounds taking in the Radiant Silver Hair of the most beautiful creature in Galarion. I made an oath that day the Silver Dragon Terendelev would be my romance, didn't even have to meet the others, for I knew it was Love at First sigh.... Then I saw her fall out of the sky killed by the Mosquito Godzilla, and I knew something else that day...... I would never love another....
      (Crying hysterically)
      I already had my basic outline of a plot for my Fanfic! She was gonna get major Waifu treatment! (sob sob sob) Silver Bikini Armor!! Why Gods are you so cruel? B......B......BIKINI ARMOR!!!!!
      (loud depressing wail followed by more sobbing)

      • Anonymous

        Wow, So many "diverse" female romance options here, we have:
        - a sadistic psychotic killer
        - a masochist psychotic killer
        - a "reforming" ex r@p1st psychotic killer
        - an gilf that only likes lawful :(

        • Anonymous

          We needed to have a divinity os2 style pick the class for companions from the beginning. It'd at least make having redundant companions turn into something useful. why do we need 3 healers when i just want a spellcaster that isnt nenio and respeccing ember or daeren would fulfil that purpose? I could even turn Wendu into a child of the manicure and it still fits just as well as fighter

          • Anonymous

            Owlcat needs to learn diversity. In Kingmaker, you had two clerics and an inquisitor. Now you've got a cleric oracle paladin trio, two people with hexes (which suck to micromanage), and three types of archers. It's even worse for console players who don't have the benefit of mods. I basically run the same companions every play though regardless of what my MC is, because I have to take the least poorly implemented ones.

            • Anonymous

              i just don't understand why all the companions have better stats than you. they're on a 30+ point buy and i'm stuck with the game's default 25. i'm doing some modding, cuz this is some bull ****.

              • Anonymous

                You can have BOTH Lann and Wenduag by getting Lann first, and then showing mercy to Wenduag in a later Act.

                • Anonymous

                  It upsets me wendaug is forced to take point-blank, I'd rather her have dodge so at least she was a blank slate
                  At least she makes a decently accurate ranged with 20dex

                  • Anonymous

                    Interesting note but I have one none of sosiels quest this playthrough and trevor wills till join you if you just tell him that trevor is the victim.

                    • Anonymous

                      The companions themselves are actually pretty good, a great variety of personalities and quirks. On the other hands their classes are kind of a let down, for the 12 normal companions, there are 3 dedicated ranged, 3 basically dedicated healers, 3 dedicated front liners with 2 being possible tanks, 2 melee/spell casters and only 1 dedicated spellcaster. That may sound like a good variety, but it's really not, most of them play alike. There are so many options to choose from that it's quite baffling that their classes are so boring, it wouldn't be much of an issue if you could simply change their class, but you can only retrain them from the level you get them at.

                      It's kind of sad that most of the more interesting classes you can get for companions are locked behind the lich path or are hidden. There are even some characters who I thought would be recruitable but aren't, such as Nurah, using the trickster mythic path you can trick her into being on your side during the Drezen siege but she still isn't recruitable.

                      • Anonymous

                        Games like this need more evil companions...
                        I understand the entire story is mostly high fantasy and you're the hero, but holy ****, 80% of companions are good???

                        • Anonymous

                          if people dont like the companion class, just respec / reset their class instead of whining "they are so weak" etc.
                          just reset their class and choose your own builds for them

                          • Anonymous

                            Wish there was more heavy options early on. Daeran is so weak he can't even carry the armor he's wearing, and Sosiel is limited to medium but he has no dex bonus. Can't believe Camellia has more AC than him when he is clearly heavily armored in his portrait

                            • Anonymous

                              So im playing my lich and taking my time in act 3 turns out you can make the leader of the everbright crusaders a undead companion ciar he is a cavalier

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