Companions in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics/Quests. They all have their own  Races/Classes and equipment they begin with. While being in your party companions will react to words you say to them or other NPCs and decisions you make during the crusade. 

You may also recruit customized adventurers from Hilor (he can be found at war camp), for a price. Customized adventurers don't have their own quests. For Lich characters, they can have some unique undead companions.


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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous All Companions

camellia companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Half-Elf/Spirit Hunter

Recruited at Kanebres underground

seelah companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px


Recruited at Kanebres underground

lann companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Mongrelman/Zen Archer

Recruited at Kanebres underground


ember companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Elf/Stigmatized Witch

Can be saved from crusaders at Market Square

arueshalae companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Succubus/Espionage Expert

Can be recruited at Drezen prison if you unlock Azata path and complete Desna Shrine in Lost Bastion. Otherwise join you in Greengates, at the end of the quest Demon's Heresy. Main plot NPC, can not be killed.


sosiel companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px


Joins you at Crusader's Camp after you become the commander of crusaders.


wenduag companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px


Recruited at Kenabres underground.

nenio companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Kitsune/Scroll Savant

Random encounter after you travel to market square then return to Defender's Heart.

delamere companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px


(Lich Mythic Path) Reanimated at Temple of the Good Hunt


greybor companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px


Recruitable from the quest The Dragon Hunt

finnean the talking weapon companion pathfinder wotr wiki guide 300px

Talking weapon

Found at Ancientries and Wonders Shop

staunton vhane pathfinder wrath of the righteous
Staunton Vhane


(Lich mythic path) Can be reanimated after taken Drezen.

SPOILERS - click to show 






















(Lich mythic path)


2-Handed Combatant / Armored Hulk / Hellknight / Fallen Paladin

(Complete Sosiel quest, and choose to take him home)



(Lich mythic path, Colyphyr Mines)


Queen Galfrey


(Lich mythic path, kill her in Iz. Or Romance her instead and she'll join.)


aivu portrait

Havoc Dragon

(Azata mythic path, Joins automatically; will leave if any other path is taken later)

































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    • Anonymous

      Games like this need more evil companions...
      I understand the entire story is mostly high fantasy and you're the hero, but holy ****, 80% of companions are good???

      • Anonymous

        There isn't a single white male in there appart from the dwarves that seem to even only be available much later in the game. They're previous game, Kingmaker also focused on having the main tank be a woman, and the barbarian be a woman, and I still enjoyed it, but this second pathfinder comes out, and its even more on the nose, too obvious... just in the first dew hours, the main rulers/defenders are all female, the first couple revealed are lesbians... I mean come on... I'm ok with inclusiveness but this is overdoing it.

        • Anonymous

          if people dont like the companion class, just respec / reset their class instead of whining "they are so weak" etc.
          just reset their class and choose your own builds for them

          • Anonymous

            Wish there was more heavy options early on. Daeran is so weak he can't even carry the armor he's wearing, and Sosiel is limited to medium but he has no dex bonus. Can't believe Camellia has more AC than him when he is clearly heavily armored in his portrait

            • Anonymous

              So im playing my lich and taking my time in act 3 turns out you can make the leader of the everbright crusaders a undead companion ciar he is a cavalier

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