Endings and their requirements in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous covers relevant information regarding the ending of the game. In some RPG games, there are multiple conclusions of the game that depends on the player's actions/choices made throughout a completed playthrough and these endings unlock different achievements and outcomes of the game's story.

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Endings Guide for Pathfinder: WOTR

Apotheosis Ending


  1. Cannot follow certain Mythic Paths
  2. Certain Decision must be made at the Wardstone.
  3. You must reach the final dungeon no later than the third week of Gozran 4717. Any later, and this ending is locked out.
  4. Do not enable Auto-Crusade Mode. You need to research certain projects to make this ending possible.


In order to unlock this secret ending, there are certain pre-requisites that you must first follow before going through the step-by-step procedure for each act.

  • Do not choose the Legend or Swarm-That-Walks Mythic Paths.
  • Refrain from choosing Aeon or Lawful Fey when you are about to make a decision at the wardstone.
  • You must reach the final dungeon no later than the third week of Gozran 4717. Any later, and this ending is locked out.
  • Disable Auto-Crusade Mode so that you can research certain projects to make this ending possible.

Act 1

  • During the scene with Deskari, choose to attack with the crossbow instead of using a spell.
  • Be sure that you've acquirted the crystal dagger.
  • Make sure to unlock the trickster path in the Blackwing Library by using its option there; it'll come useful the next act. 

Act 2

  • Focus on making Nurah your ally. After Leper's Smile, pass a Perception check to find a perfume bottle in her tent and confront her about it. During the Gargoyle attack event, find her left of the camp where the queen usually stands and pass another Perception check. After the Lost Chapel confront her back in the camp; choose the Trickster dialogue option to persuade her on your side.
  • Free Yaniel during the Battle of Drezen and then follow her to the secret passage. When you're about to answer, choose an Evl or Netural response.

Act 3

  • Let Suture live and take the power which is the Lexicon of Paradox in Areelu's Lab. Suture is vital later on, so again, make sure Suture lives.

Act 4

  • From the Flesh Market, make sure to free Suture.
  • As you progress, when you meet Areelu, ask about Suture which requires to pass a Perception check following the dialogue. By doing so, choose to just have a conversation instead of taking Areelu's power.

Act 5

  • If you were successful with becoming allies with Nurah, head to Pulura's Falls and make sure that the man doesn't escape.
  • Before you encounter Areelu in Iz, make sure to repair the Broken Artifact, which is a cape that is found in Areelu's Lab. The Storyteller can help you fix it.
  • Once you are in iz, look for Anemora's room and find the Crystalk Key and the hidden Glass Key. You'll need to pass a Perception check near the steps to discover a hidden passage that takes to you where the Glass Key is. It is insiide a chest.
  • Defeat Deskari and make your way back to Areelu's Lab. Once at the lab, go to the Lexicon Project and enter a protal that will take you to a hidden area of the lab.
  • Upon discovering the hidden section of the lab, you can try to convince Areelu to attain Godhood which requires mulitple high skill checks.

Obtaining Godhood

If you've met all the requirements, you’ll be able to talk to Areelu about obtaining godhood. In order to do so, you will have to collect certain items, as well as completing the required research projects. At this point, it is advisable to save your game often so that you can reload your last saved game in case it doesn't go as planned.

  • First, you will need 1 Nahyndrian Crystal, and to obtain this, you need to have Midnight Bolts and use it n Demon Lords to extract Fresh Nahyndrian Crystals, the more crystals you have, the more companions in your party will be able to ascend to godhood. You can find the Midnight Bolt in locations such as Ivory Sanctum, Xanthir’s Chamber, Areelu’s Lab, Noctiula’s Palace, Projector Room, Mines, Iz, and Ruins.
  • Second, complete the Lexicon, the second part of the lexicon is located in Noctiula’s Palace in the Projector Room. You need to pass a Perception Check to discover Lexicon’s hiding place.
  • Once you combine the book, you will need to pass multiple high-level skill checks. And you are required to pass them all.
  • Next, complete 4 Research Projects such as the Sword of Valor, Nahyndrian Crystal, Areelu’s Notes & Pulura’s Map. The Sword of Valor can be researched at any time much earlier in the game, while the last remaining projects can only be researched in the fifth act of the game.

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