Heart of the Fallen Land


Location Iz
Reward Fresh Nahyndrian Crystal (if you hit Deskari with a Midnight Bolt)

Heart of the Fallen Land is a Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Quests can provide unique adventuring experience, as well as powerful gears and treasures. Some quests are time-limited and some can only be completed with certain companions.



Heart of the Fallen Land Objectives

Find Queen Galfrey

  • What has become of the Queen? Is she slaughtering demon hordes at this minute, or has she long since become their feast? To find out what Her Majesty's reckless assault has wrought, the Commander will have to go after her - to the capital of fallen Sarkoris, the city of Iz.


Find the Sword of Valor

  • The Queen had no right to remove the Sword of Valor from Drezen. To the Commander, that banner has become more than just a symbol - it is a piece of his very heart that Galfrey carried off on her desperate attack. It is time for the Commander to head to the Queen's camp and reclaim what is rightfully his.


Visit the Temple of Stone Manuscripts

  • The people of old Sarkoris disliked the fragility of paper, preferring to carve their knowledge in stone. Later, when the city fell into the hands of demons, books in other forms were added to the collection - from old-fashioned human skin to highly sophisticated arcane crystals. Now, Deskari's servants are destroying all this wealth so that it does not fall into the ahnds of the crusaders. If the Commander does not hurry, powerful knowledge could be lost for all time.


Heart of the Fallen Land Walkthrough

Once you enter Iz, Areelu will show up to inform you that this is a trap set by Deskari. Queen Galfrey, the Sword of Valor, the crusader camp, and the knowledge contained in the Temple of Stone Manuscripts are all in danger.

This quest has branching consequences depending on the choices you made in earlier acts as well as which area of Iz you explore first - the Temple in the northwest, Terendelev in the northwest-middle, or the crusader camp in the northeast:

  • If you gave Lexicon of Paradox, Part One to Queen Galfrey in Act 3, she and Irabeth will be at the Temple of Stone Manuscripts.
    • If you go to the crusader camp first, you will save the Sword of Valor and several crusaders, but Galfrey will attack the Temple without your help. Galfrey will survive, but Irabeth will die. This will lock you out of the option to romance Galfrey. Additionally, the "Key" Crystal and Glass Key in the Temple will be destroyed, preventing you from accessing the secret area of Areelu's Lab and locking you out of the secret Ending. Galfrey will return the Lexicon to you afterward, but this is not very helpful as you will no longer be able to achieve the secret ending.
    • If you go to the Temple of Stone Manuscripts first, you arrive in time to attack the temple with Galfrey and Irabeth, and you can grab the "Key" Crystal and the Glass Key, but the crusader camp and the Sword of Valor will be lost. Galfrey will return the Lexicon to you afterward.
  • If you did not give the Lexicon to Galfrey in Act 3, she and Irabeth will be fighting Terendelev in the northwest-middle of the map.  
    • If you go to the crusader camp first, you will save the Sword of Valor and several crusaders, but Irabeth will give her life in the battle with Terendelev to protect the Queen. This will lock you out of the option to romance Galfrey. Additionally, the "Key" Crystal and Glass Key in the Temple will be destroyed, preventing you from accessing the secret area of Areelu's Lab and locking you out of the secret Ending.
    • If you go to the Temple of Stone Manuscripts first, you can grab the "Key" Crystal and the Glass Key. Queen Galfrey will survive, but Irabeth and several crusaders will die and the Sword of Valor will be lost. This will lock you out of the option to romance Galfrey.
    • If you go to Terendelev first, you can save Irabeth, but both the contents of the Temple and the crusader camp will be lost.
  • Caveats:
    • In either case, if you did not kill Hulrun in an earlier Act and you are on good terms with him, he will protect the camp for you, allowing you to go to the Temple or Terendelev first with no consequences for the Sword of Valor. This is also true of the redeemed Staunton Vhane on the Aeon mythic path if you ask him to protect the banner.
    • On the Trickster mythic path, even if you lose the Sword of Valor, you can make a new Sword of Valor from your own sock.
    • If Irabeth is not in Iz with Galfrey and you do not go to Galfrey first, Galfrey will die.
      • Irabeth will stay and wait for your return from the Abyss in Drezen and not join Galfrey, if:
        • You might have to help her get her family sword back (the scabbard can be found near your entry point to the Grey Garrison during your second assault and the sword can be found near Joran Vhane in Drezen), but it would have to be tested if this is actually relevant to her staying in Drezen.
        • You cheer her up in Act 3 (after the siege of Drezen you need to talk to her and be understanding of her behaviour during the siege, complete her Crusade research project and check up on her, when prompted, about a couple of weeks later).
        • You got to keep your title as the Knight Commander. Galfrey lets you keep your title without checks if you are an Angel, but other Mythic Paths need to politely contest her decision to revoke your title as well as pass multiple different flags. Two of these can be failed before you lose your title:
          • Player is Demon, Lich, or Trickster.
          • Achieved a lose state in Crusade Mode.
          • Used Vescavor Queen pheromones in the siege of Drezen.
          • Used the Azata option to attack the Midnight Fane early.
          • You set Minagho free as an Azata in the Midnight Fane (might only be possible if you attack early, needs testing).
          • Killed Regill when you first meet him.
          • Ignored any horn call during the Midnight Fane.
          • Recruited Arueshalae (you can amend this by passing a medium-hard Diplomacy skill check. This needs to be tested).
          • Galfrey respects you (did not lose more than one tick of men in Leper's Smile and took Drezen while morale was over 20). But it would have to be tested if this is actually relevant towards her decision.

Assuming you visit the Temple of Stone Manuscripts first, you can find the "Key" Crystal in the northern room and the Glass Key behind a hidden door near the entrance. These keys are necessary for the secret ending.

You can find another Midnight Bolt on a shelf in the House.

Be sure to complete and loot all other areas of Iz before fighting Deskari, as the map of the zone will dramatically change after this encounter. While fighting him, use a Midnight Bolt to acquire another New Nahyndrian Crystal for the secret ending.

After you complete Iz, if you are going for the secret ending, you need to go back to Areelu's Lab and explore the secret area. It's important to find and research Areelu's note and gain her approval.

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Heart of the Fallen Land important NPCs

  • Queen Galfrey
  • Irabeth


Heart of the Fallen Land Completed quest information

Farewell, Iz. Farewell, cleaved heart of Sarkoris. You have become the site of a great battle, of great meetings and partings.


iz map pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide

Temple of Stone Manuscripts
temple of stone map pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide

House (Basement)
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Heart of the Fallen Land Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      Does anyone know if saving the banner has useful story consequences? For me, the fast healing effect was gone as soon as I was back in Drezen so I wonder if I should have saved that b**** of a queen. Is the effect being gone intentional or bug?

      • Anonymous

        Here to confirm the words of Anon from 10 October 2022. You actually can save both the Queen and get the Glass key without it being broken, even if you *did not* give the first part of the Lexicon to the Queen before being sent to the Abyss. You have to go to the Temple first, avoid going into the room in the West, and instead go straight into the room to the East with the closed door. There you only need to notice the hidden door and lockpick the chest where the Glass Key is kept in, loot it and then head out of the Temple altogether to save Queen Galfrey. After which, you can simply head back to the Temple, kill the enemies there and take the "Key Crystal in the room in the West of the map. This way, you have both the Glass Key and the "Key" Crystal safe and sound, and neither Irabeth or Queen Galfrey have to die, even if you didn't momentarily give up the Lexicon to the Queen.

        • Anonymous

          "If Irabeth is not in Iz with Galfrey and you do not go to Galfrey first, Galfrey will die. [Unclear what sequence of choices leads to Irabeth not being present - please add context if this happened to you. Possibly related to the crusade project in Act 3 to help Irabeth?]"

          - Irabeth is in Drezen, if you can persuade the queen not to revoke the commander rank at the end of act 3 (before Alushinyrra) - only happens as an angel or aeon (high Diplomacy check)

          • Anonymous

            I keep getting a bug where if I go to Library first, and after fight, I don't get the option at all to speak with Galfrey. She just stands there with any surviving crusaders and... nothing. I've tried reloading, tried all sorts of things. Am I ****ed? I gave her the Lexicon early on. Irabeth is in Drezen.

            • Anonymous

              For Aeon mythic path only, if you finished all mythic quests (distorted ones). Traveled back to the past and prevented Staunton from commiting the betrayal. He then would promise to protect the banner at all cost (talk to him later to know). Therefore, you can just rush to the queen, protect her and stop demise of Irabeth (if you tilte was stripped away) and having banner preserved without losing anything. Ciar is dead for some reason but whatever.

              • Anonymous

                In my game, Hulrun is dead in Act2, I gave the Lexicon to the Queen, and I went for the banner first while the Queen was at the Temple of Stone Manuscript without Irabeth(she's in Drezen). In this case, Galfrey died even though she had the Lexicon with her.

                • Anonymous

                  What is the consequence for failing to retrieve Sword of Valor? The text implies there's a penalty of some sort, but I'm a trickster and trickster does as trickster is wont to do: shall we say, employs alternative solutions to life's problems.

                  • Anonymous

                    If you can't beat the big boss, just gain time, he'll leave eventually. He's no joke. Hits like a truck and very often.

                    • Anonymous

                      I was surprised when I learned that you can do this part perfectly. There's no demerit in giving Galfrey the Lexicon, and in fact it is the opposite, since it saves a lot of people and allows you to go for secret ending at the same time. In the text she clearly states that she wants to attack the temple because of what she has read in the Lexicon. If you absolutely hate picking lawful choices you can wait until after the boss battle at midnight fane and drop a line about rifts to her. Then you would have the chance to give it to her as a neutral option.

                      You also need to have a cordial relationship with Hulrun so that your camp will survive intact even if you don't go there first. While he's an *******, you can do it without letting him step all over you. Just reach him on the market place before defense of the tavern starts (after that it will be too late) and complete his quest. Show him the light of heaven given the chance, works every time. Avoid insulting and fighting him the best you can. You can still save all Desna followers. If you did all that you can warn him about an impending attack and he will turn back (because he trusts and respects you he will heed your words), saving the camp and all the npc.

                      So you can do Iz without sacrificing anyone and anything.

                      Also, a little warning. Galfrey will return the Lexicon immediately to you, but don't try and combine the two parts before you're ready, because if you fail you would need either to level up again (I was lvl20 at the time), maybe lvl up your mystic rank (I was rank 9 and rank 10 is almost at the end so it's too late) or maybe find all Storytellers notes (which is a pain at best and I'm not sure if it'll work). Maybe I was just stupid and respec solves that problem, but I don't know.

                      • In my game Queen Galfrey is attacking the Temple of Stone Manuscript instead of hunting demons, which is pretty neat since I don't have to choose between the two. The dialogue implies that giving her the first part of the Lexicon is what triggered the change but apparently it's not just that?

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