In Pursuit of the Past

Location Various location
Reward Storyteller's Knowledge

In Pursuit of the Past is a Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Quests can provide unique adventuring experience, as well as powerful gears and treasures. Some quests are time-limited and some can only be completed with certain companions.


In Pursuit of the Past Information

The Storyteller seeks pages covered in ancient Elven script. They will help to shed light on the long-forgotten past.


In Pursuit of the Past Objectives


In Pursuit of the Past

  • The Storyteller seeks pages covered in ancient Elven script. They will help to shed light on the long - forgotten past.


In Pursuit of the Past Walkthrough

You need to collect Elven Notes for the Storyteller to learn more about his past. (The quest requires 20 notes. There are 21 notes in total, including the final "secret" note in Threshold.)

As you collect and return notes to the Storyteller, he will share the secrets of his past and how his ancient research is closely tied to the nature of the Worldwound.

Once you return 20 notes to the Storyteller, his story will reach a resolution and the quest is marked as completed. However, if you find all 21 Elven Notes, including the final note in Threshold (and return to the camp outside Threshold to give him the note before fighting Imezlen), the Storyteller will tell you a tale about Areelu Vorlesh and how she learned to open the Worldwound. He'll give you a Blank Page, which will lower the skill check requirements to decipher the Lexicon of Paradox, which is required for the secret Ending.

Elven Notes Locations

Act  Location  Details
Act 1 Gray Garrison The notes are on a table in the northern library on the second floor.
Act 2 Conundrum Unsolved The notes can be retrieved from a secret room that opens once the puzzle in this area is solved.
Act 2 Inconspicuous Camp A random encounter on the way to Drezen will allow you to find a handwritten note inviting you to the Inconspicuous Camp. Once there, you'll find the elven note in a bag next to the kobold Crinukh.
Act 3 Temple of the Good Hunt The notes here can be found in a crate in the northeastern room. You do not need to go into the basement.
Act 3 Artisan's Tower The notes can be found in a bookshelf after defeating the dragon, Devarra, as part of the quest The Dragon Hunt. The dragon can destroy the notes if you do not stop her.
Act 3 Sacred Lands The elven notes can be looted from a chest inside this area's puzzle. The puzzle does not need to be fully solved to retrieve these notes.
Act 3 Core of the Riddle The page is located in a hidden room that will open upon solving the area's puzzle. Completing the puzzle requires the slabs from the Ravaged Long House.
Act 3 Molten Scar You can obtain a page called "Page Smeared with Blood and Soot" from the Vrock in this location. If you can talk down the Vrock with bluff or intimidate, you can take the page directly to the storyteller. Otherwise, if you kill the Vrock, you will need to correctly describe the ritual when giving the page to the storyteller. The correct choices are: "The center of the magic shape was a prisoner", "It looked like a small rift was opened to the Abyss", and "They repeated the word “Ravukh”"
Act 3 Areelu's Lab Inside a side room before going to any of the other wings of the lab.
Act 3 Areelu's Lab On the floor in the large room in the Old Wing with a magical barrier over the door.
Act 3 Ivory Sanctum The elven notes can be found on a table in the northwestern wing of the Ivory Sanctum.
Act 3 Heart of Mystery The elven notes are lying in the open on a table in the corner, near the puzzle. Must complete the puzzle at Conundrum Unsolved to access this area.
Act 4 Nexus In the cave.
Act 4 Mage's Tower in Upper City  
Act 5 Iz On left side of the map. In a chest.
Act 5 Final Veil Solve the puzzle to open hidden room.
Act 5 Core of the Riddle Solve the puzzle to open hidden room.
Act 5 Legacy of the Ancients Solve the puzzle to open hidden room.
Act 5 Forgotten Secrets Solve the puzzle to open hidden room.
Act 5 The Enigma  Bottom left, in the bookshelf near last door of the section.
Act 5 Threshold This is the final note you can obtain. It is on a table in the beginning section of the dungeon. Don't forget to head back the way you came and leave the dungeon to give the note to the Storyteller. If you proceed too far into the dungeon you will not be able to return and give the Storyteller the final note.


In Pursuit of the Past important NPCs


In Pursuit of the Past Completed quest information

This errand is complete.


In Pursuit of the Past Reward

Completing this quest grants you the buff Storyteller's Knowledge, which permanently increases your caster level by 2, increases your saves against arcane spells by 2, and allows you to roll twice when making a Knowledge or Lore check. (+2 caster level, +2 insight bonus to saves vs arcane spells; "advantage" on Knowledge and Lore checks)


In Pursuit of the Past Tips & Tricks

  • The conclusion of this quest is closely tied to the conclusion of The Secrets of Creation, and if you complete both quests, you'll receive a special ending slide related to the Storyteller and his companion.


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Seduction  ♦  Vilareth Ford's Outpost  ♦  Visit Arueshalae in Prison  ♦  Watch Your Step  ♦  Weary Guardian  ♦  What do you Dream Of  ♦  What is Your Heart's Desire  ♦  Whence Moves the Hunger  ♦  Where's My Dragon  ♦  Where your Soul Calls  ♦  While the World Burns  ♦  Wicked Woods  ♦  Wind of Change  ♦  Your Bones will Join the Myriad Others  ♦  Zacharius's Phylactery


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    • Anonymous

      weird, i got the story teller knowledge without the Threshold note. deciphered the lexicon and everything.

      • Anonymous

        There are a total of 19 notes to complete the Storyteller's quest "Pursuit of the Past". If and only If you get all 19, and turn them in will the 20th Threshhold note appear. Worked for me fine just last night on PS5.

        • Anonymous

          they say you don't need every note, but the only one i don't have is the threshold one and the quest is still active. about to beat the game for the 3rd time and every time his end slide is, "he continues to wander aimlessly." using the glossary reveals that "you didn't help him find the pages." i guess it's just another broken quest.

          • Anonymous

            Why do i keep coming here to this site, this guide is garbage. Its incomplete and there's no basic information like how many notes are there and how many are needed to completely lower the skill check needed, which is the information that people are here for.

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