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Race Aasimar (Azata-blooded)
Gender Male
Class Oracle
Alignment Neutral Evil
Deity Atheism
Background Emissary
Ability Scores
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
7 16 13 11 14 20
Point buy equivalent 27

Daeran is a Companion in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Companions assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and equipment they begin with.


Falling victim to a deadly demonic plot would be enough to give anyone a grim outlook on life and on the looming threat from the Abyss. But the young man count Daeran is a contrary soul.

He sees the world as a grand playground and seems to turn a blind eye to the self-sacrifice of the crusaders and the horrors of war. Feats and frivolity, banquets and banter. Daeran lives like the world is ending, and it very well might be.



Daeran Information

Daeran joins your party with the following statistics:

Class: Oracle 3
Feats: Selective Channel, Extra Channel
Skill Ranks: Persuade (3 ranks), Knowledge Arcana (3 ranks), Knowledge World (3 ranks)
Background: Emissary
Oracle Mystery: Life
Oracle Curse: Powerless Prophecy
Oracle Revelations: Channel, Safe Curing


How to Recruit Daeran

  • You will encounter Daeran at the Arendae Party House. You will have to defeat several demons attacking his manor and then will have the choice to recruit him into your party.


Daeran Related Quests


Daeran is a Life Mystery Oracle and is the best healer of all recruitable characters. In addition to learning every Cure Wounds spell automatically without needing to memorize it, the Oracle spell list has plenty of strong support spells to back up the party, like PrayerOwl's Wisdom, and Protection from Evil, along with their party-wide versions. After getting a few mythic tiers, some spell penetration feats, and the Abundant Casting line, he will also start becoming a very effective blaster, particularly if he gets a second Mystery to get access to even more potent offensive spells. 


Arrogant and hedonistic, Daeran always believes in living life to the fullest, without regard to the consequences to himself or others. He has a great love of sarcasm and enjoys talking down to people. He claims in a conversation with Woljif that he dosen't view commoners or nobles as any different: He treats everyone with the same level of disdain, regardless of their rank or status. He loves throwing wild parties and one of his favorite activities involves taking someone arrogant down a peg, such as when he threw a drunken party on a boat in the harbor, which was outside of Inquisitor Hulrun's jurisdiction due to being on the water, specifically to mock him. This ironic disdain for arrogance and authority even extends towards the gods. Despite being an Oracle, he is atheistic, not paying mind to any of the gods and especially not Iomedae, whom he sees as especially prideful and dosen't miss the chance to insult her when she arrives during the return to Drezen. He apparently once commissioned a lewd painting of Iomedae called "The True Test of the Starstone," further showing his disdain for her. 

Above all, Daeran values his own freedom to do as he wishes. This comes from his divine 'patron' being "The Other," an eldritch undead collection of spirits that uses Daeran as it's host. It uses Daeran's eyes to see the world and uses him to commit terrible deeds. Daeran is terrified of this thing which uses him, knowing that, if he ever stepped out of line, it could kill him with a thought. After having The Other sucessffully extracted from him, Daeran is extremley grateful to the commander. However, when Inquisitor Hawkblade claims that he wishes to put Daeran on trial and potentially locked away in an asylum, he claims he would rather die than stay in such a place for the rest of his days. Depending on whether or not Daeran trusts the Commander, his ending slide can potentially show that he indeed spends the rest of his life in an insane asylum, or his trial concludes that he is no threat and is free to go. Alternatively, the Commander can simply kill Hawkblade to ensure Daeran's innocence and freedom are both preserved, an act which Daeran shows genuine gratitude and happiness over. 

Romance: Daeran is pansexual, romancable by any character on any Mythic path except Swarm. After his recruitment, Daeran will actively attempt to court the Commander, consistently initiating dialogue while adventuring to comment on the current situation and offer witty remarks, as well as giving the Commander gifts of rings and roses in Drezen, often under the guise of being grateful, friendly, or eccentric. He will continue performing these acts until he is directly told to stop doing so. Picking either polite or sarcastic dialogue options will only encourage him. Uniquely, he is the only companion to be open to a polyamorous relationship, (similar to Octavia and Regongar in Kingmaker) but the other potential love interests are not, forcing the Commander to choose one during Act 5. 

Daeran Builds

Build 1

20 Oracle

7 STR/ 16 DEX/ 14 CON/ 11 INT/ 14 WIS/ 24 CHA


Level Take
4 Oracle
5 Oracle - Spell Penetration
6 Oracle
7 Oracle - Greater Spell Penetration // Combat Healer
8 Oracle
9 Oracle - Skill Focus: Persuasion
10 Oracle
11 Oracle - Spell Focus: Evocation // Enhanced Cures
12 Oracle
13 Oracle - Heighten Spell
14 Oracle
15 Oracle - Greater Spell Focus: Evocation // Spirit Walk
16 Oracle
17 Oracle - Point-Blank Shot
18 Oracle
19 Oracle - Precise Shot // Armor of Bones
20 Oracle

Daeran Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide – In this Daeran Build Guide, I’m going to break down the Attributes, Skills, Feats, Spells, Revelations, Mythic Path, and Equipment you should choose to make Daeran as effective as possible when it comes to healing and buffing the party. I’ll be showing a straightforward Oracle Build, which also deals damage with Ranged and AoE Spells on the side. If you’re looking for an excellent Support Companion that fits in any party composition, then this Daeran Build Guide is for you!

Daeran’s Build concentrates on being the most effective healer in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous. Because of his Life Mystery, he automatically gets a bunch of healing Spells and buffs from the moment you recruit him.

In times when you don’t need to support the party, you’ll be dealing damage with powerful Evocation Spells such as Fireball, Hellfire Ray, and Fire Storm, which you receive by equipping the Red Salamander Ring. Not only that but you also have a lot of other powerful Spells to remove status effects and to provide Spell Resistances, to name a few.

Details: Here

Build 3




Daeran Tips and Notes

  • Note and tips go here...
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia
  • Daeran cannot be killed with the "Attack" option in the first dialogue where you can recruit him. Combat will begin and he will appear to die, but will respawn infinitely provoking continued combat with no XP reward. The area can be left while he's dead by performing a mobility check in a nearby room before he respawns.


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    • Anonymous

      Daeran was initially one of the worst characters in my eyes. But having played through the game with him in my party as my main healer a few times, and having done his romance, he has come around to being one of my absolute favorite characters. Sure, he's a bit of a jerk, but in endlessly amusing ways, and there's some serious depth to his character. You have to sort of peel back the layers to really appreciate him, and a lot of folks never get past the outermost layer, because said layer can be kinda unpleasant. He's also a fantastic healer, and a very useful character in general.

      • Anonymous

        start of act 3 you can confront him about the other you get pulled into a void with the other in a tough fight. (the other is a lvl 40 swarm undead with maaassive immunities)

        • Anonymous

          All those people saying that they hate him, are just boring. This character is deep, and given a chance can be the most entertaining and loyal companion you can get. After months, friends and I still discuss how Daeran's backstory made him what he is now and how he really is Chaotic Neutral, just the Other forces him to be more evil in order not to break.

          • Anonymous

            if you are in romantic relationship with daeran + take him with you in party to wintersun + go to waterfall at corrupted animal zone you will get interesting bonus

            • Anonymous

              is it weird that i find a lot of owlcat's evil characters (daeran, regongar, jaethal, regill) a lot more likeable than most of their good ones (octavia, linzi, tristian, sosiel, ember)

              idk maybe i just don't like getting preached at

              • Anonymous

                If you choose to fight the Other you get three choices:
                1) Kill Daeran
                2) Kill Liotr (which makes Daeran even more Evil)
                3) Agree to give him to the Inquisition - This has varying results for different players.
                For my playthrough (Angel), this choice allowed Daeran to stay as a companion because Liotr likes me as a Commander. Interestingly, if you speak to him again after making this choice, but before leaving the area, he tells you that he is grateful to you for freeing him from The Other.

                • Anonymous


                  so i killed the other that shows up when you confront him about it, but he still died after i literally killed the thing holding him hostage

                  • Anonymous

                    He's an unrepentant ******* but also probably one of the best written characters in the game. Just stick with it. Oh, and he's nice to Ember for some reason.

                    • Anonymous

                      If you do his quest you can talk to him and tell him you know his secret and if you can beat a ridiculously difficult boss, Daeran dies. That surprised me actually, I thought you'd free him but nah he just dies and you get NOTHING out of it, at least immediately.

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