Wilcer Garms

wilcer garms npc pathfinder wrath of the righteous

Location Crusader's Camp, Drezen

Wilcer Garms is an NPC in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. NPCs in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are side characters who can issues Quests, provide information and background Story, and even trade Items with players.


Wilcer Garms Information

  • Wilcer Garms is the Crusade Quartermaster. He serves as an equipment vendor in Crusader's Camp and in Drezen.


Associated Quests



Dialogue Options

If you speak with Wilcer Garms after certain points in the story, he will ask you a question. Your response will affect which type of bonus the crusade receives.


First Question (after taking Vilareth's Ford outpost):

"So I've been thinking... What if we issue them different equipment? The scouts, at least?"

  • "I am afraid boots and ropes alone won't be enough. Put the scouts on horses and provide everything they need."
    • Recruits 30 Mounted Scouts crusade units

  • "Equip the soldiers as you see fit."
    • Crusade generals gain the Prepared Scouts ability, granting a +5 movement bonus to their armies until Drezen is taken

  • "Wilcer, follow the regulations. They are written in the blood of those who did not follow them."
    • Army units gain Equipped According to the Charter, granting +1 to all saving throws until Drezen is taken


Second question: (after completing The Music of the Abyss)

"What if we... held a wake? Lit up the bonfires, poured some wine, raised our cups in memory of the fallen? It'd do the troops a world of good."

  • "We'll commemorate the fallen. Give the soldiers some wine, but not enough for them to get smashed."
    • Crusade morale increases by +10

  • "We will mourn the fallen not with wine but with words of prayer."
    • Cleric army units gain Heard Prayers, granting+1 AC and +5% max HP until Drezen is taken

  • "Have the recent losses not taught you anything? I want the soldiers to be ever vigilant and ready to fend off a surprise attack."
    • Recruits 8 Cleric army units


Third question: (after completing A Strike from the Sky)

"Should I ask the bards to come up with a rousing song? Or maybe throw a little shindig?"

  • "I rather like the idea of a rousing song."
    • Crusade armies gain Inspiring March, granting +1 to attack until Drezen is taken

  • "We should hold a tournament. The troops can remind themselves and their peers how strong they truly are."
    • Recruits 6 Ranger and 8 Champion army units

  • "There is no better way to allay fears than to have a good night's sleep on a full stomach. Make sure everyone is well rested and fed before the attack."
    • Crusade armies gain Ready to Siege, granting +5% to max HP until Drezen is taken


Notes & Tips

 After you retake Drezen, and finished the Middlegamequest (but before you visited the Ivory Tower), if you talk with him, he says, that the crusaders are chipped some money together for you, to buy some new equipment as a thanks for taking care of them.
 - If you accept this gift, you get 5000 gold pieces.
 - You can refuse and tell him, that they should raise a glass to the Commander's health instead. This has no immediate effect, but suggest some morale boost later for your troops.
 - You can also tell him, that the money's best place right now is in the campaign war chest for +1000 Diplomacy.


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    • Anonymous

      There is another choice in Act 3 after completing Whiterun. Soldiers save up to give you a gift. Choices are:
      1. Accept - 5000gold
      2. Have them toast you instead - Unknown (couldn't figure out what effect it had, nothing is stated and I didn't see any buffs on crusade units/generals/myself or any increase in Crusade resources)
      3. Add to war coffers - 1000 Diplomacy exp

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