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This page is for the city of Drezen. For the guide visit Banner Over the Citadel

Drezen is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Drezen can be found at World Map. A crusader citadel in the middle of the Worldwound, erected when victory over the demons seemed so close. Its high walls can house an entire army. Control over this city is key to victory in the war.

Drezen houses the Sword of Valor, a banner blessed by Iomedae. It prevents the demons from using their teleportation as long is it adorns the citadels walls. It was lost during the fourth crusade, when the traitor Staunton Vhane was convinced to steal it away for an unauthorized foray against the demons outside Drezen. Upon removal the demons began their assault on the city, slaughtering civilians and torturing them. Losing Drezen - believed to be invulnerable to demons - meant a swift end to the crusade, as morale dropped and any hope to conquer the threat of the Worldwound had been lost.

 Drezen Information

drezen city map

Merchants at Drezen

  Arcane Weaver Jewelry Trader Wilcer Garms Blacksmith Golden Golem Exotic Weapons One-Eyed Devil Woljif
Type Cloaks, Gloves, Caster Armour, Arcane Scrolls Phylactaries, Headbands, Rings. Weapons and Armor of + degrees. Weapons. Mostly plain. Phylactaries, Headbands, Rings. Weapons, A couple of strong magical ones.   Various Magical items.
Notable Loot   Goggles of Pure Sight (Roll 20 on next dispell. +1 to caster level made to overcome spell resistance)         Headband of Alluring Charm +4 (strong boost early on) Robe of Inevitability (+2 Spell Penetration)
Notes         Inside Jewelry Artisian shop.     Is a companion.

NPCs at Drezen

Exterior Cell

  • Arsinoe: By the temple steps. Sells divine scrolls and One Half of the Pair. Arsinoe is a cleric of Abadar, providing cleric services for the Fifth Crusade. Previously, she had called a certain barony in the Stolen Lands her home. She returned to her wandering ways until she saw an opportunity to help the Fifth Crusade and the people of Drezen.

  • Ciar: In the market square. The leader of the Everbright Crusaders serving in the Fifth Crusade. Joined the order at an early age to fight evil. He eventually took in the orphaned Morveg and raised him as an Everbright Crusader and as his protege.

  • Klaem: In the temple courtyard. Born and raised in Taldor, he served the god Nethys doing minor duties in the temple. Despite his diligent studies, he never managed to become a theruge under Nethys. Reading a book by Miammir the Scholar fundamentally changed the way Klaem understood the concept of power and knowledge. He crossed the continent and became a student under Miammir. Soon after he became a full fledge theurge.

  • Horgus Gwerm: In the market square. Previously in Kenebres, Horgus Gwerm followed the Commander to Drezen after the demon attack. This would make the second demon attack Horgus Gwerm has survived after his family and long time friend, Darian Wytt, were murdered by demons. The reputation of the Gwerm name means everything to Horgus. Despite his shrewd exterior and his reputation as a ruthless merchant noble, Horgus dabbles in philanthropy and isn't beyond letting others think they got the better end of a deal in order to perform charity secretly. Camellia is his adoptive daughter, whom he took in after her mother - a house servant of Gwerm - died.

  • Ramien: In the market square. A priest of Desna that followed the commander to Drezen after the destruction of Kenabres. He still assists in the restoration effort of his church and city, but wants to be on the frontline where the people need him the most - and far away from the dullness that has befallen Kenabres during its rebuilding. Ramien is infatuated with Camellia and might ask the commander to introduce the two.

  • Captain HarmattansOn top of the barracks. Enter through the barracks themselves and take the stairs up. Born in Osirion. His parents named the captain after a terrible type of desert storms named harmattan, which they miraculously survived.  He was a soldier for in the army for exactly one hundred years, but his growing consciousness kept nagging him, urging him to seek a greater purpose than simple war. A vision by Ra showed him under Queen Galfreys service and so he has been serving her for two dozen years, until he joined the Fifth Crusade.

  • One-Eyed Devil: By the Inn at the market square. A theifling merchant from Cheliax, with a strong dislike for his fellow thieflings working with the demons to destroy Golarion. Always a merchant by heart, he started out selling pies. It was this pie selling business that cost him his eye when he refused to pay protection money to the local lads. Undeterred, lesson learned, and with renewed vigor, he returned to the merchant life immediately - turning his lost eye into brand recognition. Strongly believes they're saving the world by selling necessary supplies and assisting the logistical efforts of the Fifth Crusade.

  • Lady Konomi: By the gate to the citadel, from market square. Hailing from Tian Xia, Konomi has worked as a hardy diplomat for six different rulers. She serves primarily Nerosyan intrests - Galfrey's intrests - and doesn't hesitate to take advantage of the commanders relative inexperience.

  • Wilcer Garm: At the inner gate. His humble roots has taken Wilcer from a student to a quartermaster. In between, he served as a shield bearer, stonemason, shipwright, and chief of crew. Experienced with logistics and management, the position of quartermaster came easily to Wilcer. Despite his prominent career, he has no interest in becoming a steward and remains with the commander in other capacities.

  • Dorgelinda Stranglehold: At the stairs leading from the inner courtyard to the castle yard. True to her name, Dorgelinda is said to be a logistic officer with a stranglehold on the crusade's supplies. After losing her hand, she went from frontlines of war, to the brutal offensive of keeping track of everything. She also serves the commander as head of the logistics council, bringing important matters to the commanders attention.

  • Storyteller: By the entrance to the citadel. Older than any other mortal, the Storyteller is on a quest to discover himself, his past, and his deeds. The Commander can assist in this matter by bringing him any elven notes they might find in their adventure. Besides notes, should the commander find any unusual artifact, the Storyteller can use his affinity of touch to relive the past of an item. In the presence of the commander, he has also gained the power to see into the possible future of certain unique artifacts - an ability that is as much a surprise to himself, as to the commander.

  • Captain Ordan: In the Citadel courtyard proper. Wracked by survivors guilt, Ordan knows the hard life of a soldier. Even as a child he took an  interest in warfare and when he came of age he would go on to study, and graduate with honors, at Lastwall's Crusader War College. While he longs to be a commander, Ordan finds joy in serving the commander. Pouring over old texts and studying the demonic forces of the Worldwound.


  • Anevia: Pseudo-Sheriff of Drezen, Anevia keeps an eye on the goings on of your fortress. She holds a role much similar to the one she had back in Kenabres - working outside the law to uphold it - which seems to suit her just fine. Despite this, she isn't a renegade. If trouble arises, she usually uses her head and inform people better equipped to handle dangerous situations. This might be a remnant of her past as child cutpurse in the dystopic land of Nidal. Raised by "aunts" and "uncles" who taught Anevia the art of theiving, she grew up knowing the consequences of getting caught well. Having lived a tragic life, Anevia was all but ready to die at the hands of cultists, until Irabeth arrived and renewed her desire to live.

  • Irabeth: Leader of the Eagle Watch, Irabeth knows right from wrong, even if she may struggle to straddle that line from time to time.

Quests related to Drezen


Drezen Map




Drezen Notes & Tips

  • After retake Drezen, You can find Fye on the Northeast side of the map. Fye is the Keeper of the Tavern and you should find the NPC sitting on the counter of the Tavern.
  • Crinukh is at west side of the map, standing between 2 houses.  (Near Camelia)

  • NPCs and companions will refer to the market square as the collection of buildings in the eastern most corner, despite the inner courtyard literally having every merchant - except one-eyed devil.



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