Location Middle City

Zerieks is an NPC in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. NPCs in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are side characters who can issues Quests, provide information and background Story, and even trade Items with players. Zerieks can be found on a roof accessed by a Mobility check, west of the stairs leading to the Upper City access lift.


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Dialogue Options

  • A vavakia demon resembling a spike-covered centaur stands on the roof like an especially ugly gargoyle. "So, that whore sent another assassin? Well, come closer, you fool. Let me see who'll I'll be having for dinner tonight. Yesterday, there were two, and I crushed them into a single ball of meat."
    • "Zerieks, I'm here to see to it you never trouble Morevet again!"
      • "You gullible morons are always interrupting my day, but your bones crunch nicely as I chew, it must be said. You look smarter than the others, though. Would you like to make a deal? I don't know how much Morevet promised you, but I'll double it."
      • "It'll be easy money. You don't even need to kill Morevet, and that's impossible inside the brothel anyway. Just give her my enchanted ring. As soon as she takes it, she'll be teleported here, and we'll have a little heart-to-heart. The cunning wench went to such efforts to spend one more minute with me, so this will make her dream come true." The demon bites his finger and smears the massive ring on his hand with blood.
      • [Failed a Perception check] The demon holds out the blood-stained ring, and his grin promises Morevet nothing good.
        • [Attack] "I've already made a deal. With Morevet."
        • [Take the enchanted ring] "Deal."
    • "So I am not the first person Morevet hired?"
      • The demon grins, showing his many teeth. "If I had kept the skulls of every one of you, I would have built myself a magnificent palace out of them long ago. I picked that Morevet in the brothel once - she seemed sturdier than the others. But I didn't realize my strength could drive even a succubus insane. The wench decided we were meant for each other! Of course, I laughed off that nonsense, but she scraped together some money and now sends assassins after me in revenge. She knows how much it annoys me."
    • "Give me some time to think over what you've said."


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