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Chivarro, or Chivarro the Beautiful, is an NPC in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. NPCs in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are side characters who can issues Quests, provide information and background Story, and even trade Items with players. Chivarro is a lilitu in charge of Ten Thousand Delights. She is a very skilled mind reader.


Chivarro Information

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Dialogue Options

  • An attractive lilitu in a simple but revealing dress greets you with a warm smile. Her eyeless face is serene. "A new guest? We're always happy to welcome guests to the Ten Thousand Delights. I am Chivarro, ruler of this palace of pleasure. The only taboos here are brawling, moderation and talking politics. Aside from that anything goes."
  • "As my guest, you can expect to receive gentle caresses, or, if you prefer, wild and untamed ones. I have servants of every type to suit every taste. Any of them can be yours for a night... Or forever, if your pockets are deep enough. What are your preferences? Never mind, I'll find out for myself." The lilitu tilts her head to the side, as if studying you with her nonexistent eyes.
  • [Succeeded at a Will check] It feels as if someone is touching your mind. Prying fingers are attempting to extract a recent memory, but not very successfully. Exerting your will, you manage to eject the alien presence from your head before it digs too deep.
  • There is mild confusion in the demon's voice. "You have an iron will. Few can push me out of their mind with such ease. I saw almost nothing... I'm almost offended. I do, however, respect the power of others. Let your secrets remain yours alone."
    • "Don't you dare pry into my mind ever again."
    • "My friend Camellia would like to avail herself of your brothel's special services."
      • "I beg your pardon, but our establishment cannot provide that type of service at the moment. You see, I have a rather delicate problem..." The madam trails off, letting the unspoken words hang in the air.
      • "Do me one favor, and you can consider us the best friends." Chivarro smiles seductively. "I need you to kill someone. A brazen gang of demons keeps harassing my girls, attacking them on the street and dragging them back to their lair in the Lower City, a foul den called the Rotten Guttery. Spill their blood, rescue my girls, and come back here for your reward!"
      • Hand of the Inheritor: "The words of this fiend sound sweet, but what lurks behind them? Lust? A desire to use you? Something even more insidious? I sense danger here, like the reek of decay near a crypt, faint but clear. Beware this trap, Champion."
      • "You won't let my girls die in the clutches of those monsters, will you?" The demoness smiles enticingly. "You are so confident and have such potential! I think you and I will enjoy being... friends."
    • "I'd like to hire several succubi to entertain the arena champion, Gelderfang."
      • "They are currently serving a special client in the Upper City. As you surely understand, their caresses do not come cheap. Do you have forty thousand gold, by chance?"
        • [Pay forty thousand gold] "Where can I find them?"
          • The image of a luxurious mansion in the Upper City appears in your head. The building moves further and further away, as if you were soaring up into the sky, so you see where it is located. "This place is called the Palace of Incest and Degeneracy. You'll find the girls there. Tell them you've already paid me."
        • "No deal."
    • "I'm looking for a companion for the night."
    • "I like you. Perhaps we can spend the night together?"
    • "I have a few questions for you."
      • The demoness smiles mysteriously. "Are you interested in me? Or in my establishment?"
        • "I want to know more about this place."
          • "Some are foolish enough to call this place a brothel, but that's a facile misrepresentation. The Ten Thousand Delights is a pleasure palace for every taste. You'll find everything that brings pleasure here - wine, sex, music, good company, violence, gossip, stories, drugs... Every kind of drug - herbal, alchemical, even telepathic. And many things that seem incomprehensible to us but are very popular on other planes."
          • "You are seeing but a small part of the Ten Thousand Delights. Behind these inconspicuous doors lie entire streets, houses, and rooms, a veritable labyrinth of pleasure. No one knows how large this place really is. Anyone who attempts to measure it returns weeks later, exhausted and happy, and somehow changed from when they left. After all, no matter who you are, no matter what your predilections, in the Ten Thousand Delights, you will find the room where you will be fully satisfied."
          • Hand of the Inheritor: "I wish I could see what this fiend would say if she met Arshea, the Luminous Lord of  freedom, beauty, and sincere physical intimacy. The Abyss offers a distorted reflection of everything we value in the Upper Planes. Even physical attraction, beauty, and love."
            • (Lawful) "What you do here is disgusting."
            • (Chaotic) "This place looks really fun!"
              • The lilitu smiles smugly. "Glad you like it, honey."
            • "I see."
        • "Tell me your story."
          • The demoness answers with melodious laughter. "I have secrets I would rather not reveal. And without them, my story would be as insipid as sex without violence..." After a moment's hesitation the lilitu adds with a smile, "I was once wild and dangerous. I manipulated others to destroy them, not subdue them."
          • "But then I met someone. That meeting changed everything. It sparked my hunger. I wanted to stand for something, to rise above the crowd, to become important, influential. It turned out that not only can I create bloody chaos, but I can tame wild whirlwinds of chaos, shape and direct them... And none of that would have happened but for that chance encounter."
        • "You are a skilled mind reader."
          • The lilitu gives you a smug smile. "Īt is my calling. To read others' thoughts and motives, plant ideas in their minds, tempt and guide them... But, yes, you are correct. I am unusually skilled even by the standards of my kind."
          • With a playful bow of her head, the lilitu smiles. "Have you heard that old saying 'Why don't lilitus have eyes? Because eyes are the windows to the soul, and no one can gaze into the soul of a lilitu.'"
        • "I understand everything."
    • [Attack] "Your rule here has come to and end."
    • "I'm leaving."
      • "See you soon, honey. Come back again and we'll have some fun."


Notes & Tips

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