Ten Thousand Delights

ten thousand delights location
Location Middle City
Sub-Areas --
NPC's Chivarro
Morevet Honeyed Tongue
Merchants Herrax
Quests Grudges to Settle
Third Wheel
What is Your Heart's Desire

Ten Thousand Delights is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Ten Thousand Delights can be found at Middle City. 


"Some are foolish enough to call this place a brothel, but that's a facile misrepresentation. The Ten Thousand Delights is a pleasure palace for every taste. You'll find everything that brings pleasure here - wine, sex, music, good company, violence, gossip, stories, drugs... Every kind of drug - herbal, alchemical, even telepathic. And many things that seem incomprehensible to us but are very popular on other planes." - Chivarro


Ten Thousand Delights Information

  • After you complete the quest Grudges to Settle, you can use the portal here to reach Upper City, and buy equipment from new mistress.


NPCs at Ten Thousand Delights



  • Guards
  • Incubus
  • Mad Glowworm
  • Patron
  • Succubus 


Traders in Ten Thousand Delights

  • Herrax (Magical accessories and weapons)


Quests related to Ten Thousand Delights


Ten Thousand Delights Map



Ten Thousand Delights Dialogue

Guard by the doors leading to the Upper City

  • A large demon guard in a chain collar stands by an inconspicuous door, toying with a miniature magic wand. He addresses you with a frown, though his voice is polite. "Can I help you?"
  • The demon scowls at you, glancing warily at his chain collar and clutching a magic wand in his clawed hand. 
    • "What's behind that door?"
      • "The Upper City. Our guests often use this door, as they are far too important to be seen on the streets of the Middle City."
    • "I want to go through that door."
      • "Feel free to do just that. You're not riffraff. This door was made for people like you." The guard forces out a polite grin.
    • "If you won't let me pass, I will treat you as Drezen's commander should treat a demon."
    • "That magic toy you're holding is some sort of weapon?"
      • The demon looks at the wand with disgust. "Some weapon... This is teleportation wand. Chivarro has grown concerned about security recently. She said something had happened and we should expect unwanted guests. She ordered the guards to arm themselves with these things and toss any troublemakers onto the street at the first hint of danger."
      • "Since then, I no longer take pleasure in my job. No more crushing heads, no more gutting... Who are these guests who've got Chivarro so scared, I wonder?"
    • "What is that collar around your neck?"
      • "That's none of your busi-" The collar clanks omniously and grows a little tighter. The demon gulps, frightened, and his tone becomes more polite. "We call them politeness collars. Chivarro ordered all the guards to wear them. If we're rude to guests or allow them to break the rules, the collars start to tighten until we're decapitated."
    • [Attack] "Get out of the way!"
    • "I have to go."
      • "Right... Get lost..." The chain collar clanks on the demon's neck, and he hastily corrects himself: "I mean, have a good night."

Ten Thousand Delights Notes & Tips

  • A copy of "Marmenux's Challenge" by Kreesh Cerka can be found on one of the tables
  • Use all "services" in the Ten Thousand Delights to gain permanent buff Tender Night (+4 concentration, +3 saves vs. sleep)
  • Other tips and notes go here...
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