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Race Gnome (Traveler)
Gender Male
Class Fighter (Armiger) / Hellknight
Alignment Lawful Evil
Deity Godclaw
Background Cheliaxian Diabolist
Ability Scores
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
13 18 16 10 13 14
Point buy equivalent 30

Regill is a Companion in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Companions assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and equipment they begin with.


The whitish locks of hair on his head mark the time until his inevitable death. Yet, his own fate doesn't seem to worry Regill Derenge, a Hellknight to his very core. For those who hone themselves into living weapons, there is no greater purpose than to strike. However, only time will tell where this strike will land.


Regill Information

Regill joins your party with the following statistics:

Class: Fighter (Armiger) 5 / Hellknight 1

Skill Ranks: Persuasion (6 ranks), Knowledge Arcana (6 ranks), Lore Religion (5 ranks)
Background: Cheliaxian Diabolist


How to Recruit Regill

  • You can recruit Regill at Reliable Redoubt (quest By Hell's Ordinance), or at Lost Chapel, if you fail to get there in time.
  • If you declined Regill, you have a chance to recruit him during another quest where you visit Hellknight base.


Regill Related Quests


Regill joins the party at level 6, giving him a bit less flexibility in terms of multiclassing compared to most of his peers. Of his two starting classes, leveling Armiger is generally preferred due to the sheer amount of Feats that the Fighter class offers. His high Dexterity and number of bonus feats allows him to become a powerful two-weapon damage dealer, while being protected by heavy armor. Once he unlocks Weapon Finesse (Mythic), he can afford to dump Strength and focus on Dexterity for both attack- and damage rolls. His high Charisma and Persuasion means he also makes an excellent user of Dazzling Display, debuffing enemies and potentially even causing them to flee to be picked off at the player's leisure. 


Regill is a strict and pragmatic military commander. He has little patience for things he considers superfluous, weak, or untrustworthy. This puts him at odds with some of the more good-aligned party members like Ember and Arueshalae, whom he believes are a naive fool and a potential traitor, respectively. He respects professional commitment and those who respect authority, which allows him to share an odd friendship with Greybor, engaging in conversations of how best to slit someone's throat or where to hide a spare knife. While Regill may chafe under a more chaotic Commander, such as one who chose the Azata path, he respects their ability to get results and will rarely abandon them. He particularly respects the choice of the Aeon path (due to it's strict enforcement of law), the Devil path (claiming the Commander chose their allies wisely) and the Lich path (due to the dead making cheap, strong, easily replaceable troops). 

His character ending depend on the player's choices throughout Regill's personal quests. Respecting authority, acting ruthlessly and pragmatically will gain his favor, while acting with compassion and making deals with demons will fuel his doubts. If the Commander has Regill's full confidence, his slide will show he continued proudly serving the Hellknights until his dying day. If they only partially win his confidence, Regill will have doubts over whether it was correct supporting the crusade, which will continue to haunt him. Finally, if the Commander utterly fails to win him over during his final mission, The Final Verdict, he and the rest of the Hellknights will see the Commander as too great a risk and attack the party. Regill will always die if this happens. 

Regill Builds

Build 1

6 Armiger/ 1 Hellknight/ 12 Primalist/ 1 Scaled Fist

10 STR/ 24 DEX/ 14 CON/ 18 INT/ 8 WIS/ 12 CHA


Level Take
7 Primalist - Improved Two-Weapon Fighting // Celestial
8 Primalist
9 Primalist - Outflank
10 Primalist - Rage Powers: Animal Fury, Defensive Stance
11 Primalist - Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
12 Primalist - Dodge
13 Primalist - Double Slice
14 Primalist - Rage Powers: Lesser Beast Totem, Beast Totem
15 Scaled Fist - Improved Critical: Gnome Hooked Hammer // Crane Style
16 Primalist - Improved Initiative
17 Primalist - Extra Rage Power: Greater Beast Totem
18 Primalist
19 Primalist - Retain Bloodline // Toughness // Dazzling Display
20 Armiger - Shatter Defenses

Build 2


Build 3



Regill Tips and Notes

  • Regill's specialized weapon, the Gnome Hooked Hammer, is a double weapon. Double weapons occupy both hands like a two-handed weapon, but the wielder can attack with both ends of the weapon as if they were holding two separate one-handed weapons.



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    • Anonymous

      All these pathetic meta addicts can't enjoy the simple pleasures of a tiny dark lord. I will take Regill for the pure enjoyment, his 'build' and numbers seriously do not mater.

      • Anonymous

        I put him on a raptor and he just one shot a desknari something the one in the Gourm cave absolutely insain 12 attacks with hast super speed on baby boy (the raptor ) crazy dps eats everything did some blood ragger for the celestial blood line for the additional holy dam for him and mount witch I got through caviler beast rider and mythiced him up with the + 4 animal comp feat to make him a ridable size right out the gate other wise still building him idk doing points in hk and others when they seem good idk

        • Anonymous

          I was pretty excited when I first found him since I was at the time running a Primalist mercenary. Seelah was taking paladin 14 for pet progression and making the whole party ignore DR/Good, so I need a different voiced character who could fill that role.
          I was disappointed. He underperformed my mercenary in almost every way.

          First: His small size reduces his base damage and reach, even when enlarged, so he did less damage per hit and had a harder time getting full attacks off from charging groups.

          Second: Him being dex ate up his feats, cost him a mythic power, and he wasn't even strong enough to wear his own starting armor without medium load. Cha builds have a tendency of replacing their Dex to AC with Cha anyway. Besides that, non-crit focused Melee attackers often are polymorphed which benefits Str builds more than Dex ones.

          Third: While relatively minor, his alignment actually shot him in the foot here. Normally with Str/Cha or Dex/Cha build you want paladin as an option to get Cha to saves. This one is easy enough to build around though.

          As for personality, he was actually a bit entertaining in a *I'm written to be a snarky caricature of a lawful evil BA pragmatist* way. The thing is, half the time I was facepalming about how dumb and frankly impulsive he was. Later on, he becomes some sort of nightmarish inverse of Calvin and Hobbs where he states the absolute worst ideas in an eloquent manner so they sound reasonable on first inspection, maybe even practical. Only instead of being funny because the results are fun and whimsical, it is funny because everything is overtly grim and edge lord.

          Even when I first met him, and all my companions were complaining about his ruthlessness, but I was more appalled by his wastefulness. I mean really, my party was within shouting distance (albeit we did neglect to shout to notify him of this), and he thinks the best option is to waste potential soldiers and retreat before the other party with fifty cure spells available can resupply him and help cover the retreat. Imagine if one of your generals in crusade mode decided to dump their entire infirmary to gain a few more movement instead of mustering their forces when you had another army right behind them full of clerics.

          • Anonymous

            You could at least quote the source of your builds. Considering they were all copied from the same place.

            • Anonymous

              Du-du Two weapon fighting is not for TWO HANDED WEAPONS. Comprende ? Fershtehn`? Gnome Hooked Hammer is a TWO hander

              • Anonymous

                At times, it feels like he was specifically injected into the game to make an absolute mockery of godawful Amber E. Scott characters.
                The roast he delivers to Irabeth is legendary.

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