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Quests The Final Sunset of Winter
The Price of Knowledge 
Unsounded Alarm
Vengeance of Sarkoris 
Deep-Rooted Derangement

Wintersun is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Wintersun can be found at World Map. A small village that somehow survived the demon invasion. It is surprisingly silent and peaceful, as though it lies in some remote rustic setting far from the front lines and not in the middle of the Worldwound, surrounded by monsters.


 Wintersun Information

  • The mad half elf woman on top of the hill is actually the missing leader of Flaming Lance order. You will need to complete the Ivory Sanctum first in order to talk to Flaming Lance delegate and learn that.
  • Complete the quest The Final Sunset of Winter gives you the key to Ivory Sanctum.
  • Morveg can be found the cave of southeast, help him explore the shrine of Gorum to complete quest Vengeance of Sarkoris.
  • sAlso in right side of the map, there's a coffin of old Sarkorian, if you took the whip on it six ghosts will appear in different locations and attack you. (You can put it back to pacify them).  If you defeat all six, it starts the quest The Buried Druid.
  • Topleft side, there are lots of plagued animals and a shaman living in a cave. (quest Deep-Rooted Derangement)
  • You need to use fire damage to prevent the ancient treant here from regenerating.
  • Pass the knowledge checks of all Hallit stones (including ones in cave), you can claim a +3 Ricocheting Heavy Crossbow, a Back Rank Assistance Necklace (free ranged attack when an ally lands an attack of opportunity) and Rune-covered ancient leather scrap at heart of stone.
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NPCs at Wintersun

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Quests related to Wintersun


Wintersun Map

wintersun map wrath of the righteous wiki guide


Wintersun Notes & Tips

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Abyss  ♦  Alushinyrra  ♦  Ancientries and Wonders Shop  ♦  Areelu's Lab  ♦  Arendae Party House  ♦  Artisan's Tower  ♦  Ashen Grotto  ♦  Bad Luck Tavern  ♦  Baphomet's Shrine  ♦  Bastion of Justice  ♦  Battlebliss Arena  ♦  Bear's Maw Shrine  ♦  Befouled Barrows  ♦  Blackwater  ♦  Blackwing Library  ♦  Bladesmith Workshop  ♦  Blooming Meadow  ♦  Bone Hills  ♦  Chilly Creek  ♦  City in the Wasteland  ♦  Colyphyr Mines  ♦  Conundrum Unsolved  ♦  Crimson Dust  ♦  Crusader's Camp  ♦  Defender's Heart  ♦  Desolate Hovel  ♦  Desolate Thicket  ♦  Dragon Burial Ground  ♦  Drezen  ♦  Estrod Tower  ♦  Extirpator's Camp  ♦  Final Veil  ♦  Forgotten Secrets  ♦  Golarion  ♦  Gravestone Rock  ♦  Gray Garrison  ♦  Greengates  ♦  Grimwood  ♦  Gwerm's Mansion  ♦  Heaven's Edge  ♦  Hellknights Outpost  ♦  Hidden Abode  ♦  Houndheart Campsite  ♦  Inconspicuous Camp  ♦  Ineluctable Prison  ♦  Ivory Sanctum  ♦  Iz  ♦  Kenabres  ♦  Lair of the Echo of Deskari  ♦  Laughing Caves  ♦  Legacy of the Ancients  ♦  Leper's Smile  ♦  Lost Chapel  ♦  Lower City  ♦  Market Square  ♦  Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery  ♦  Middle City  ♦  Midnight Fane  ♦  Midnight Isles  ♦  Minagho's Hideout  ♦  Molten Scar  ♦  Moondance Meadow  ♦  Mutasafen's Lab  ♦  Nameless Ruins  ♦  Nexus  ♦  Nightingale Grove  ♦  Old Sarkorian Mines  ♦  Pitaxian Wine Cellar  ♦  Place of Execution  ♦  Pulura's Falls  ♦  Rasping Rifts  ♦  Ravaged Long House  ♦  Reliable Redoubt  ♦  Rotten Guttery  ♦  Ruins of Ashberry Hamlet  ♦  Sacred Lands  ♦  Scrubland by a Bend in the River  ♦  Sevalros's Lair  ♦  Shield Maze  ♦  Shrine of Sacrilege  ♦  Shrine of the Three  ♦  Silken Thread Atelier  ♦  Spinner of Nightmare's Den  ♦  Temple of the Good Hunt  ♦  Ten Thousand Delights  ♦  Terendelev's Lair  ♦  The Enigma  ♦  Thieflings Hideout  ♦  Threshold  ♦  Tirabade Residence  ♦  Topaz Solutions  ♦  Trap for the Other  ♦  Underground Caves of Kenabres  ♦  Underground Hideout  ♦  Upper City  ♦  Valley of Temples  ♦  wedding meadow  ♦  Worldwound



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