Market Square

Location Kenabres
Sub-Areas ??
NPC's Hulrun
Merchants --
Quests No Better Time for a Banquet
Feud of the Faithful
Starward Gaze

Market Square is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Market Square can be found at Kenabres. The city fair with lots of attractions and live music was in full swing when the demons attacked. Now the pavement is stained red with blood and a gaping rift cuts the square in two. This is the place where the demon lord Deskari cleaved the land with his terrible scythe, marking the beginning of the demonic invasion of Mendev.


 Market Square Information

  • There are multiple encounters on this map. You need to fight cultists, zombies, rat swarms, and other enemies of evil alignment. Protection from Evil/Chaos can be a very useful spell here.
  • There are several soldiers you meet the first time you enter the area. One of these is a Desnan adept in disguise, which you can uncover after you find the other adept (Quest Starward Gaze).
  • To the west, in the area of Market Square that you saw during the prologue, there are two important items required for the secret Ending:
    • Midnight Bolt stuck in a sign
    • Nearby, you can interact with the spot where Terendelev was slain to acquire the Purple Stone Knife and unlock the Aeon mythic path.
  • Inside the house where you saved Ember, there's an incomplete summoning ritual. If you pass a Knowledge Arcana check (DC 20), you can complete it. The summoned Vrock will appear near the broken tower in the middle of the map. The Vrock itself won't drop anything, but you can loot a +2 Mithral Heavy Shield from one of the three nearby crusaders it killed.
  • You can save a group of tieflings on the west side of the map with an Athletics check and convince them to help at Defender's Heart. The secret path to Gray Garrison (Quest The Burning City) can be located here as well.
  • Some mongrels can be found in the bottom middle of the map. You can ask them to help ambush the cultists later when you attack Gray Garrison.
  • If you solved Feud of the Faithful peacefully, Hulrun can join the defense of Defender's Heart. (If you failed to solve the feud before the assault on Defender's Heart, this quest will fail.)
  • In the basement of the northern house, you can loot a Scroll of See Invisibility. This should be used now to help you spot he Shadow Demon lurking nearby (Resist Cold also helps). Kill it and clear the blockage to loot Wicked Longbow.
  • The southwest section of the map is accessible by jumping down from the cliff (Mobility check), just south of the Tieflings and the secret path to the Gray Garrison.
  • In the northeast you can fight several cultists and a necromancer who will drop Dark Horn.


Second Visit

  • When you return to Market Square after the attack on Defender's Heart, you will encounter new spawns of tougher enemies:
    • Difficult fight with a Nabasu where the necromancer was previously
    • A couple undead horses in the southwest corner
  • If you assault the Gray Garrison before the demons have a chance to attack Defender's Heart (or if you skip the attack via game bugs), you won't be able to fight the new enemy spawns in Market Square. However, you will receive some loot from Irabeth as a reward (see A Stay of Execution).


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Market Square Map

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Market Square Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      It says the summoned Vrock gives no reward, but one of the soldiers it kills drops a magic shield according to another page so there is a reward technically. Haven’t tested.

      • Anonymous

        There are different/added encounters in this area for when you come here before and after the timed event of this chapter. It's worth clearing it out both times if you're interested in the fights and a bit more XP + gold. The gains are marginal in the long run, but every bit helps this early on in the game especially if you're playing on the harder difficulties.

        Notable added encounters include:
        Nabasu Demon where you previously encountered Necromancer performing a ritual (If you chose to fight the Necromancer post timed event, just leave and re-enter the map after the fight and the Nabasu should be there)
        Added Demons by where the Vrock reappears
        Added Demons by the Desna Chapel
        Zombie Horses

        • Anonymous

          If you summoned the Vrock in Ember's house, it will appear besides the central tower which it would have killed the 3 crusaders. One of which would have a +2 shield.

          You can loot the crusader with shield, put it on Seelah right away then tank the Vrock right off the bat. If you visited the square after the tavern defense, Hulurn will try to execute the priest of Desna with blade already on his neck. It is easy to push Hulurn to combat at this state, then if you killed Hulurn here, he has an adamantine chainmail and a +1 cold iron longsword. Combine this with the shield, Seelah can have good chance to kill the Vrock with smite evil on.

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