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Heaven's Edge is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Heaven's Edge can be found at World Map. Count Arendae's family estate. The manor was abandoned after a tragic event claimed the lives of everyone inside in a single day.


 Heaven's Edge Information

  • There is a lot of diamond dust in this location, can be used to cast various Spells.


NPCs at Heaven's Edge

  • NPC go here


Quests related to Heaven's Edge


Heaven's Edge Map



Heaven's Edge Notes & Tips

  • If you lack high enough ranks for any of the below skill checks, wait until you finish Daeran's first quest, you can then re-enter the area with your full party.
  • There is a Knowledge (World) check, DC 20 (core difficulty) on the upper west side of the courtyard.
    • On a failure, it says "The brickwork looks strangely uneven."
    • On success, it says "There are occasional traces of older masonry and foundations. It looks like the building was reconstructed several times."
  • The southwestern chamber contains a hidden chest requires Perception DC (Daring 30, Core 32, Hard 34 ,Unfair 38) with Draven's Hat, Wand of Mirror Image (Caster Level 7, Charges 25) and a diamond.
    • 8/20/23 The DC for this was 30 on core, and it also contained a Scroll of Echolocation.
  • The northwest room contains two hidden objects.
    • The first is immediately as you enter the room, to your left inside the fireplace. With a Perception DC 20 (core difficulty) an inspect symbol show up. If interacted with it says "It seems there is a hidden cache inside the wall - you can see a keyhole among the decoration.".
    • The second is in the bookshelf to the right of the bed (left side if you are laying on it). With a Perception DC 20, you can loot a Scroll of Blink, Scroll of Glitterdust, and two scrolls of Dispel Magic (Point).
  • Other notes...



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