Shield Maze

shield maze map pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide
Location Kenabres
Sub-Areas None
NPC's Wenduag
Merchants None
Quests Devoured by Darkness
Gwerm Family Secrets

Shield Maze is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Shield Maze can be found at Kenabres. 


 Shield Maze Information

  • There's a puzzle in the torture chamber in the unfinished sections of the Shield Maze, on the northwest part of the map. The combination is visible on the north wall of the lounge-style room with the hexagonal table in the middle near the center of the map.  There are four oddly-colored portraits on the wall. In order to open the door in the torture chamber, you need to activate the sigils in the following order: 
    Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow. Behind that door you can find Radiance, a Masterwork, Cold Iron long sword that can be upgraded through the game to +2, +4, and finally +6 depending on player choices.


NPCs at Shield Maze

  • Wenduag, a possible companion.
  • Hosilla, a priestess of the demon Savamelekh.
  • Savamelekh, a demon serving the Demon Lord Baphomet.


Quests related to Shield Maze


Shield Maze Map



Shield Maze Notes & Tips

  • It can be very easy to miss the Torture Chamber in the northwest of the map if you're not rotating your camera or holding the Highlight Objects button. It is an offshoot of the unfinished sections of the Shield Maze.
  • In the kitchen there is a level 8 Large Water Elemental, and a hidden crate (Perception DC:10), within the magical ring, "Flow of Water"
  • A small library located near the southern entrance contains Tome of the Minotaur: Sermons from the Labyrinth, which grants a permanent bonus to glaive attack and damage rolls when read.
  • Once you exit the map, you will never be able to return to the Shield Maze. Be sure to pick up anything you left behind and do not forget to grab Radiance, even if you are playing an evil character.



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