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Bone Hills is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Bone Hills can be found at southwest of Valley of Temples.


 Bone Hills Information

Bone Hills will not appear on the world map until you have completed Iz. Hulrun will reveal the location for you. If you killed Hulrun, the only way to locate Bone Hills is to pass a DC 45 Perception check, so be sure to save before exploring near this area for the first time or you will be locked out.

  • You can find several red symbol slabs in the location. They are required to solve the puzzle in Final Veil.
  • Peacemaker can be found in a chest in Bone Hills.

 When you first enter the area, you'll only see a Vrolikai Chief Assassin. This is an ambush, as several Grown Nabasus and Nabasu Shadow Executors will appear to the left and right once you engage the Vrolikai in combat.

NPCs at Bone Hills

  • none


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    • Anonymous

      The map design suggests that there would be some good or at least perception-check-required treasure at the bottom, there's even a arched stone doorway..but turns out it's just a stone room for flavor????

      • Anonymous

        It also seems that there's no mention of enemies here either...i'm not sure who is maintaining this wiki (Someone is, many of my comments are starting to appear in the wiki page itself) but these pages need fleshed out MUCH better than this.

        You'll end up fighting a small contingent of demons in the cave here. The Vrock assassin is the only enemy that will show up till you engage combat, after which 4 - 5 lesser demons and 2 - 3 greater invis vrock with 500+ hp each show up alongide the almost 700 hp guy you engaged (40's ish AC, Greater Invis so significant miss chance). Just be careful on this one, make sure you've got the burst to take out all the things and dispells won't go awry here either.

        • Anonymous

          Apparently this requires a DC45 Perception check to find if you killed Hulrun. Choices should absolutely have consequences but blocking major quests hundreds of hours of gameplay later should not be one of them...especially since leaving Hulrun alive is somewhat difficult. Choosing good choices forces him to attack you, you don't get a choice in the matter.

          • Anonymous

            The upset people that killed Hulrun and had consequences because of it need to go back to phone games where they play themselves for you. Seriously, Don't be upset that something you did in the early game effected the late game. Welcome to Good RPG's, you must be new here :D

            • Anonymous

              I killed Hurlun and still got the location, but one of the slabs is different (it has dice as an icon), and I can not place the last one, although I have it in my inventory.

              • Anonymous

                The location of bone hills is revealed to you by Hulrun at the crusader camp in Iz. If you killed him earlier in the game it will lock you out of this area and the ancient ghost's quest. Yes this is stupid that they designed it this way

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