Areelu's Lab

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The Fool King.
On the Cusp of the Abyss
Empty Memories

Areelu's Lab is a Location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Areelu's Lab can be found at Worldwound. 


 Areelu's Lab Information

areelus laboratory01

  1. Entrance to Areelu's Lab. After talking to Suture, the player will be let free to roam.
  2. Survivors and Targona. Remember to come back for them before leaving through the rift.
  3. Entrance to Old Wing
  4. Entrance to Heart of Lab, will lead through a staircase first.

areelus laboratory02

  1. Tough Fight against a Varook buffing a Naralesh.
  2. Hidden room with notes.
  3. Entrance after completing dream stairs. Suture will give the player the power to dispell Abyss barriers.
  4. Codex and Rift out of Areelu's Lab
    • Room also has a projector where the player can play recordings contained in crystals.

For the secret area in Act 5:

  1. After you complete Iz and acquire Areelu's "Key" Crystal and Glass Key, return to Areelu's Lab and use it on the projector to open a portal to the secret area of her lab.
    areelu lab secret pathfinder wiki guide1
  2. Explore the northwest part of the secret area to learn more about Areelu's past. Pick up the Vial of Magical Formula here before going through the portal that appears.
    areelu lab secret pathfinder wiki guide2
  3. In the forested area with the hut, interact with the projector and a Balor will be summoned. Try to kill the Balor off the summoning circle as you will need to interact with the middle of that circle later.
  4. After killing the Balor, enter the free-standing door in the southeast corner of this area, and acquire Areelu Vorlesh's Drafts from the shelves. These are critical for the secret ending.
    areelu lab secret pathfinder wiki guide3
  5. Once you have the Drafts, leave this room to return to where the Balor was summoned. In the middle of the summoning circle, there will be an invisible "Loot" option. Place the Vial you collected earlier in this loot window to summon a Mythic Balor and Mythic Vavakia. Once you've killed them, proceed through the portal.
  6. There are two ghosts in this area, Setrei Devimai and Opon. Speak to them and release them or keep them imprisoned as you see fit - any option is okay, just remember what you picked.
  7. Proceed to the end of this area where Areelu will speak with you through the projector. Tailor your responses to Areelu's questions based on which options you picked with the ghosts:
    • When she asks what you felt inside her ruined home, respond with Sadness or Rage.
    • When she asks why you did what you did to the hunter, Setrei, respond "For the sake of justice" (if you kept him imprisoned) or "His guilt is indisputable, but he had already suffered enough" (if you released him).
    • When she asks why you did what you did to the traitor, Opon, respond "Betrayal deserves punishment" (if you kept him imprisoned) or "For the sake of justice" (if you released him).
  8. The above choices will earn you some approval from Areelu, despite her neutral/guarded reactions. After you've answered her questions, say "I have nothing more to discuss with you" (do not smash the projector) and proceed through the portal for one last curious scene to complete the Empty Memories quest.
  9. Once you're done here, research Areelu's Drafts via a Crusade project. This is one of the required projects to achieve the secret ending.


NPCs at Areelu's Lab

  • Old Crusader. Talking will initiate dialogue with Exhausted Elf.
  • Drowsy Drow. Talking will initiate dialogue with Exhausted Elf.
  • Targona. Can only be talked to after freeing her with the powers Suture gives after the Dream Stairs.
  • Suture. Areelu's minion. Can ask several questions regarding their master.
  • Exhausted Elf. Has brief dialogue about Areelu's Lab. Can be saved if player comes back after opening a rift.


Quests related to Areelu's Lab


Areelu's Lab Map

areelus laboratory01nonumb

areelu lab full map wiki guide


Areelu's Lab Notes & Tips

  • Make sure to come back for survivors.
  • There's an Midnight Bolt in the lab, as well as Elven note.
  • The Old Wing can be safely explored before the rest of the area. After you got the Key to the Abyss gates from Suture, you must come back to free the angle - there is also 2 other doors, closed by Abyss Gates. One of them contains the White Dragon - a powerful medum +4 hide armor, which can be used even druids, and gives you both cold resistent, and a cold aura.
  • The room in the southwest corner of the lab behind a runed locked door is completely empty, aside from a fireball trap. There is no key for this door, but you can Dimension Door through it if you're curious.
  • With the Last Sarkorians DLC, if Ulbrig with you, you can find a cut off head of a griffon in the old wing.
  • While you move through the Staircase, you can see a few things related to your party members. Crafted dreams - about their desires, hopes and goals. If you want to know some of them a little bit better, bring them here. (They still have to be a competent team, as the place is festered with Areelu's surviving experiments.)



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    • Arueshalae, Ember and Nenio have some unique dialoge, if they are in your party, when you first talk to Suture. You get that information - just an example -, that Nenio creeped inside a sleeping troll's mouth once. It didn't mentioned though, what did she do that for.

      • Anonymous

        i got a note fragment from areelu's laboratory, but the note was just the dialogue and narration of nurah volunteering to be bait for the leper's smile bugs. seems like a bug.

        • Anonymous

          I bypassed the magic barriers with the teleport spell. Looted and triggered cutscenes out of order and the game was like "Wait, that's illegal" and caused a bug where after the first encounter with the mysterious voice my party dissapeared. Nice. So watch out, adventurous commanders, stay on the railroad.

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            I got here via the Azata Mythic path. Does anyone know if you can leave and return to Areelu's Lab later? Thanks

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