The Dragon Hunt

the dragon hunt quest


Artisan's Tower

Previous Quest

Banner over the Citadel

Reward Important loot includes Bracers of Abrupt Onslaught and a Half of the Pair Amulet

The Dragon Hunt is a Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Quests can provide unique adventuring experience, as well as powerful gears and treasures. Some quests are time-limited and some can only be completed with certain companions.


The Dragon Hunt Information

Despite their high intelligence and outstanding cognitive abilities, when evil dragons perceive other species, they revert to their basest primal instincts. Like a giant, mindless, flesh-eating leech, they consider everything other than themselves food. A rumor has spread among the crusaders about a large and vicious dragon that has been raiding the scout patrols. This particular specimen does not seem remotely concerned by their weapons. She swoops down onto the soldiers, and then flies away, having snatched several victims to devour in her lair.


The Dragon Hunt Objectives

Talk to the bounty hunter in the tavern

Given their lack of experience in dragon hunting, it is unlikely that the crusaders will meet with much success in their attempt to track down and kill such a cunning, adult specimen. However, Irabeth claims that a reputable bounty hunter is currently staying in the town's tavern. It would be wise to seek his help.


Hire Greybor

The bounty hunter is more than willing to assist you in tracking down the dragon. However, he is only willing to do so for the substantial, though not unreasonable, sum of 2500 gold.


Travel with Greybor to the Grimwood and set up an ambush for the dragon

Greybor claims that he has a plan to track down this dragon. The first step is to set up an ambush in the Grimwood Forest.


Track down the dragon

The dragon was deeply wounded. As she fled, she left behind a trail of blood that the bounty hunter can use to track her to her lair.


Kill the dragon in her lair

The dragon's lair has been discovered. It is of vital importance that the Commander finish off the dragon, rather than allow her to escape again and recover from her wounds.


Track down and kill the dragon in the Ivory Sanctum

Fortune favors the Commander today. The dragon that has lately been abducting his people was recently spotted by a crusader regiment as she flew towards the Ivory Sanctum. The Commander has a chance to put an end to her atrocities.


Inform Irabeth of the victory

The dragon is dead. However, the people of Drezen do not yet know that her reign of terror has ended. No doubt Irabeth will spread the news throughout the city as soon as the Commander informs her of his victory.


The Dragon Hunt Walkthrough

  • After you take Drezen, go to the tavern in the upper right corner of Drezen and find the dwarf Greybor. The same one you met in the Estrod tower. Hire him to hunt the dragon. You have to pay him 2500 gold. He will appear among your Companions.
  • Travel west with Greybor. On the way to Grimwood, you will be attacked by a dragon. Defeat her. Get to Grimwood, talk to Greybor and ambush the dragon.
  • She will flee, leaving a trail of blood behind her. Leave the location. On the right, under Drezen, a location will appear, which is called the Blood Trail.
  • Once you reach there, you need to pass a few checks to realize that the dragon has gone south. Note that if you fail the first two checks there won't be major consequences, but failing the third one, (Athletics 31), will spawn the party in front of the dragon, making it an easy target for her fire. Go down from blood trail to Artisan's Tower.
  • You need to pass several more checks before you finally reach the tower, you can let Greybor do them for you.
  • The dragon can be found with the Storyteller, if you stay there long enough you can hear the Storyteller telling the stories of Pathfinder: Kingmaker.
  • Ambush the dragon, do not let her flee. She will fly to the second-floor. Focus your whole party on her to prevent her fleeing. If she manages to escape, she will burn the Storyteller's books and the Quest will fail.
  • You can find some scrolls in the tower, and some Mandragora below the ruin's basement. Important loot includes Bracers of Abrupt Onslaught and a Half of the Pair Amulet. To progress the quest, you need to find the Elven Notes
  • You can recruit Greybor permanently as a party member. To do so, you have to pay him 12500 Gold coins. You can also pay him 25000 gold. During a future event he may betray you if he doesn't like what you had to say during your conversations, and the 25000 gold option should prevent this.
  • Head to Drezen's Citadel and meet up with the Storyteller. Hand the Elven Notes to him to learn more about his past. If you have Terendelev's Claw you can give it to him, leading him to reveal Terendelev's Lair, an important place if you want to unlock the Dragon Mythic Path.


The Dragon Hunt Important NPCs


The Dragon Hunt Completed Quest Information

The hunt is over. The crusaders will never again be disturbed by the dragon's deadly rampages, and people no longer look to the sky in fear.


The Dragon Hunt Tips & Tricks

  • The dragon has very high AC (40 on Core difficulty) and since it comes from natural armor, doesn't get any reductions for being flat-footed. You will most likely need good buffs to get decent hit chances. However, its touch AC is very low.
  • Fire resistance is also extremely important.
  • With the Last Sarkorians DLC you get Ubrig, who possess the "Grabber" Ability in his transformed state. With a good enough strenght buff, he literally can hold on the Dragon and hinder some of it's AoE skills.


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Skull  ♦  An Invitation  ♦  An Invitation to a Council Meeting  ♦  An Urgent Invitation  ♦  Arueshalae Imprisoned  ♦  Attack out of Nowhere  ♦  Back to the Roots  ♦  Bad Blood  ♦  Banner over the Citadel  ♦  Battered Spirit  ♦  Beaten but not broken  ♦  Best Liquor in the World  ♦  Between the Lines  ♦  Blockade of Reinforcements  ♦  Blood Whispers  ♦  Borrowed Dreams  ♦  Brother in Shadow  ♦  By Hell's Ordinance  ♦  By the Will of the Stars  ♦  Cascade of Fire  ♦  Champions of the Abyss  ♦  Chasing the Spinner of Nightmares  ♦  Cleansing the Ziggurat  ♦  Cold Waters  ♦  Conspiracy in Shadows  ♦  Correct Thyself  ♦  Corruption  ♦  Crescent of the Abyss  ♦  Crest of the Fallen Knight  ♦  Dangerous Knowledge  ♦  Dark Moon Rising  ♦  Dark Waves  ♦  Dawn of Dragons  ♦  Dawnflower's Kiss  ♦  Day of Remembrance  ♦  Day of the City  ♦  Days of Strife  ♦  Deadly Canyon  ♦  Deal with Shamira  ♦  Deal with the Spinner of Nightmares  ♦  Death's Embrace  ♦  Deep-Rooted Derangement  ♦  Defenseless 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in Trouble  ♦  His Majesty's Anguish  ♦  House of Death  ♦  Hunting for Giants  ♦  I Am the Flame  ♦  Improved Leadership  ♦  In Pursuit of the Past  ♦  In the Belly of the Beast  ♦  Inevitable Darkness  ♦  Inevitable Escape  ♦  Inner Freedom  ♦  Insignificant Losses  ♦  Insistent Summons  ♦  Inspiring Victory  ♦  Irabeth's Scabbard  ♦  Issues of Faith and Loyalty  ♦  Just some Old Drawings  ♦  Khorramzadeh's Trap  ♦  Know Thy Enemy  ♦  Laws of Friendship  ♦  Liberation of Wrath  ♦  Love Beyond Death  ♦  Majesty in Minuscule  ♦  Meet with Lann  ♦  Meeting with Daeran  ♦  Mercy (Quest)  ♦  Middlegame  ♦  Militia  ♦  Minagho's Desperation  ♦  Missing Scouts  ♦  More than Nothing  ♦  Nenio Needs Alcohol  ♦  New Subjects  ♦  Nicely Rebellious  ♦  Night Gamblers  ♦  No Better Time for a Banquet  ♦  Notes for the Storyteller  ♦  Odan's Request  ♦  On Hope's Wings  ♦  On the Cusp of the Abyss  ♦  Once in Alushinyrra...  ♦  One Final Breath  ♦  Opening  ♦  Optimized Logistics  ♦  Orvenn Dalmora vs. Drezen  ♦  Out of Parole  ♦  Out on Parole  ♦  pA Stay of Executionp  ♦  Paradox  ♦  Path of the Legend  ♦  Pharasma's Wrath  ♦  Prisoner of the Abyss  ♦  Prisoner of the Temple of Delamere  ♦  Private Averis vs. Private Ramley  ♦  Private Gorvo vs. The Army of Drezen  ♦  Ranhild's Day  ♦  Rapture of Rupture  ♦  Reclaim the Lost Chapel  ♦  Refuge for the Afflicted  ♦  Regicide  ♦  Repelling the Assault  ♦  Restoring a Broken Gold Buckle  ♦  Restoring a Crumpled Demon Helmet  ♦  Restoring an Ancient Cloak  ♦  Restoring an Antique Ring  ♦  Restoring Broken Gauntlets  ♦  Restoring Tattered Ancient Boots  ♦  Return to the Ziggurat  ♦  Revolt at the Ziggurat  ♦  Road to the Sun  ♦  Safe Haven  ♦  Sarkorian Ruins  ♦  Saving Irabeth  ♦  Saving Targona  ♦  Saving the Taldans  ♦  Seek and Ye Shall Find  ♦  Seeking Forgiveness  ♦  Shadow Dance  ♦  Sister's Surprise Gift  ♦  Solemn Hour  ♦  Spies Amidst Our Ranks  ♦  Spiritual Bonds  ♦  Starward Gaze  ♦  Staunton's Watch  ♦  Stolen Moon  ♦  Storms Peak  ♦  Strike Back  ♦  Struggle for Control  ♦  Subduing the Spirit  ♦  The Art of Making Friends  ♦  The Beginning of a Long Road  ♦  The Blessed  ♦  The Burden of the Aeon  ♦  The Buried Druid  ♦  The Burning City  ♦  The Conquest of Alushinyrra  ♦  The Divided City  ♦  The Final Barrier  ♦  The Final Dagger  ♦  The Final Drop  ♦  The Final Sunset of Winter  ♦  The Final Threshold  ♦  The Final Verdict  ♦  The Fool King  ♦  The Imposter  ♦  The Impostor  ♦  The Last Gift of a Brilliant Mind  ♦  The Last Resort  ♦  The Last Steps  ♦  The League of the Inspiring Cart  ♦  The Light Within  ♦  The Militia Captain  ♦  The Music of the Abyss  ♦  The Outcast  ♦  The Pillar's Counsel  ♦  The Portal of Wishes  ♦  The Price of Knowledge  ♦  The Price of Loyalty  ♦  The Queen Incognito  ♦  The Ravenous Brood  ♦  The Road to Good and Justice  ♦  The Root of Betrayal  ♦  The Secrets of Creation  ♦  The Treasure of the Midnight Isles (Quest)  ♦  The Ultimate Joke  ♦  The Way Back  ♦  The Wayward  ♦  The Weight of My Sword  ♦  The Wicked  ♦  The Words of the Aeon  ♦  Third Wheel  ♦  Threat in the Rearguard  ♦  Till Death do Us Part  ♦  Time to Think  ♦  To the End!  ♦  Town Hall Report  ♦  Traces of Shadows  ♦  Traitor's Spirit  ♦  Traitors of Kenabres  ♦  Transformation (Quest)  ♦  Treading on Corpses  ♦  Triumph of Justice  ♦  Twenty-One Ceremonial Daggers  ♦  Undead Uprising  ♦  Underground Army  ♦  Unsounded Alarm  ♦  Untamed Spirit  ♦  Upholding Order  ♦  Valas's Gift  ♦  Vengeance of Sarkoris  ♦  Victims of Seduction  ♦  Vilareth Ford's Outpost  ♦  Visit Arueshalae in Prison  ♦  Watch Your Step  ♦  Weary Guardian  ♦  What do you Dream Of  ♦  What is Your Heart's Desire  ♦  Where's My Dragon  ♦  Where your Soul Calls  ♦  While the World Burns  ♦  Wind of Change  ♦  Your Bones will Join the Myriad Others  ♦  Zacharius's Phylactery

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    • Anonymous

      So, playing around with toybox a bit, and accidentally killed Devarra in a random encounter. XD
      Reload a save and did less damage so she can actually survive and escape. Don't wanna know what happens if you really manage to kill her (due tons of ice damage)

      • Anonymous

        so you can't just go exploring and find the dragon, you have to pay to play. god-awful game design. you MUST hire this useless merc, or the dragon wont exist in your world. well, if it doesn't exist, why is it a problem? because it's terrorizing your lands! how can it terrorize my lands if it doesn't exist? you pay NOW! fine dungeon master, let me mod out my money, because i refuse to waste once cent on this bull crap. terrible writing, great music. that's the game.

        • Anonymous

          There's a Lesser Kineticist Rod kind of hidden in the third room in the basement. The camera appears bugged, so you can't really see into the room, but you can still highlight the chest with [tab] and loot it.

          • Anonymous

            1. "Yo let's go to dragon's lair to set up a trap!"
            2. Dragon attacks halfway through in a "random" unavoidable counter.
            3. ???
            4. Everybody dies from a single breath attack, even the tank MC immune to magic and with anti-fire gear.

            Owlcat sure know how to make their game fun. As if I didn't have enough fun having to carry 20 spare scrolls of Freedom of Movement because every nabasu spams Hold Person, Mass which is bugged and ignores everything that isn't complete immunity or that one incubus who is so ridiculously overpowered I had to multiply the entire's party HP tenfold with a save editor to survive the encounter and he still killed half of them.

            • Anonymous

              Later on you can find her eggs being taken hostage, can you not go there quickly and free them and tell her to stop working for the demons? Anyone try?

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