Banner over the Citadel is a Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Quests can provide unique adventuring experience, as well as powerful gears and treasures. Some quests are time-limited and some can only be completed with certain companions.


Banner over the Citadel Information

The fight for Kenabres marked the beginning of the Fifth Crusade. The next objective is Drezen: once the capital of the crusader movement, and now a demon citadel. Who will win? It is an equation with an infinite number of unknowns. The finest military minds failed to bring an end to this war, but a new leader now stands in command, one different from all the others. And perhaps this new variable will produce a different result.


Banner over the Citadel Objectives

Make it to Drezen

The army sets off from Kenabres to Drezen. Between the two cities, there are miles and miles of lands maimed by the claws of the Abyss. How many of those who set out will reach their destination alive? Will anyone join them along the way? Time is a luxury they do not have, and the chances that the whole situation will change unpredictably increase with each passing day.

Battle through to the Citadel

The walls of Drezen — once indestructible — are now crumbling in the wind. The demons don't care for maintenance or fortification. Only those with something to fear need walls. To get to the warden of the fortress, the crusaders will need to defeat the demons in the streets and battle through to the heart of the city — the citadel.

Find the Sword of Valor

This banner was carried into battle by Iomedae when she was still human. It has spent seventy years in the clutches of the demons, a symbol of the crusaders' past disgrace. The time has come to recover it, and steal a formidable weapon from the demons — their ability to teleport.

Hang the Sword of Valor

To achieve victory, the crusaders must hang the Sword of Valor above the walls of Drezen once again. But the banner is a symbol, and it is mortals who give meaning to symbols. What will this banner mean today?

Take the Citadel

Fate can be ironic. Decades ago, Staunton Vhane, who fought in the ranks of the crusaders, handed Drezen over to the demons. Today he will hand Drezen over to the crusaders, while fighting on the side of the demons.

Leave the Citadel

Indestructible Drezen falls again. The victors would like to believe that the second time will be the last, but even gods don't know for certain what awaits them. In any case, it's time to tell the fighters — those who survived this battle — that their suffering was not in vain. Victory is theirs!

Banner over the Citadel Walkthrough

  • After you clear the demons in Lost Chapel, it is time to retake the Drezen. If Queen Galfrey joined the crusade, she will lead the charge.
    • The Hellknights, Eagle Watch, and Nurah all propose a plan to the commander. However, Nurah's plan turns out to be a trap. If you follow her advice, you will found yourself in the Drezen prison with lots of cultists and Minotaurs.

    • If you agree with the Hellknights plan, you will start at the west corner of the map. You'll also lose 10 army morale. Regil needs to be in your party if you choose this route.

    • In case you kept a sample of the slime that attracted the vescavor swarm and you didn't take Queen Galfrey on your crusade, you can choose to use it now. You will lose 5% of one of your army units nearest to Drezen and 10 morale.

    • If Queen Galfrey is with you, asking her for her plans will increase army morale by 15.


  • You can take rests while sieging the fort, however, this may corrupt your characters. (Debuff, 15 spell fail chance, -2 Wis and Int, -3 CMD/CMB)

  • You can either ram the gate (~600 xp from monster or manuever around and open with a lever 900xp, mutually exclusive)

drezen key hole wrath of the righteous wiki guide

  • There are three hidden key holes (on top right of inner wall) to unlock the last gate before the balor and avoid having to fight the waves that come when you batter it down. The keys can be found on enemies in the dungeon, the tavern, and in the temple. The keys are being held by dretches standing by themselves.(xp compare: hidden key=1280xp, waves=800~1000xp, mutually exclusive).

  • While inside the fort, you are also affected by Demonic Murmurs. (Every ten minutes you need to succeed a 14 Will check or suffer Charisma damage.) In order to remove the debuff, you need to find the torture chamber on the right side of the fort, then activate murals on the wall. (Need to pass Knowledge World 20, Knowledge Arcane 25, Lore Religion 30. Fail the checks will summon a group of enemies.)

  • To the south of murals room, there are several undead enemies. Once you defeat them you can pass a Athletic check to reveal a hidden room, there's a vampire sleep in a coffin, kill it to get a +2 rapier.

  • If you have radiance (the long sword you found in Shield Maze.), the dwarf blacksmith Vhane at the furnace will upgrade it to a +2 cold iron long sword.

  • There is a summoning ritual. If you allow the ritual to complete (don't kill any of the ritualists) it will summon a difficult enemy worth lots of xp (10k) and will leave ring of chaotic fascination (2prot +2dc enchantment +2saves vs enchantment
  • There are two Sword of Valor banners in the Drezen fort, the real one and a fake one. The one in the west hall is the fake one, touch it will only trigger the trap, and summons fireballs and a large group of demons. You can disable fireball traps before attempting to take the fake banner, by passing perception checks to find hidden alcoves along the northern wall of the hallway and knowledge checks to turn off the traps. (Enemies still teleporting in to attack you.)

  • The real banner is hidden in a room in the south. To reach there you need to fight your way through a large pool of corpses, and use the secret passage revealed by "Yaniel".

One of the solutions to Drezen Fortress puzzle:

drezen fortress puzzle2 pathfinder wiki guide

You need to rotate the sigils to deactivate the traps, be careful once traps are deactivated three demons will appear to attack you. (Sometimes glitches, and summon Eustoyriax out of it's turn - after defeating it, you still need to finish the deactivation of the trap, but the 2 shadow demons wouldn't appear.)

banner location pathfinder wrath of the righteous wiki guide
The real banner, right after the puzzle

  • Once you put the Valor of Sword Banner on the wall, you will unlock the third Mythic Level. This time, you need to decide which Mythic Path you set foot on (advanced paths, like Swarm-that-walks, Gold Dragon, Legendary and Devil can only be unlocked later).
  • If you want secret ending, while talking to Areelu, you need to earn her approval.
  • If you pick Trickster path, and found Nurah's betray before attacking Drezen. You can ask her to side with you during the siege, as a mockery to her former master. You may later set her free (in Act 5, she will appear in quest Cascade of Fire, and help you stop Mutasafen).

Important NPCs

  • Quartermaster Wilcer Garms and his shop will become available after you open central gates but only until you storm the fort and enter the fight with balor.


Banner over the Citadel Completed Quest Information

Drezen has been retaken, and the ancient banner has been raised once again. Victory belongs to the mortals this day, and the Abyss howls in shame. But still, the crusade is only beginning. Taking the fortress is but the first step, holding on to it will be the real challenge.


Banner over the Citadel Tips & Tricks

  • To avoid being bombarded by catapults in the first part of the siege, prioritize getting up on the walls and killing 2 ash giants manning the catapults. The shortest way is through the left side of the map (as seen from the entrance) and requires having good athletics/mobility or going through the Temple.
  • You don't have to fight balor Darrazand - the battle is timed and will always end in a cutscene with Greybor. If you're ill prepared for such a fight, you can simply run away and wait.
  • If you kill the big demon in the Tavern during the siege, the owner will thank you (When you first met with him, you need to ask, "How is it that such a young lad owns a tavern?") - in the form of 15000 Gold Coins.


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your Soul Calls  ♦  While the World Burns  ♦  Wicked Woods  ♦  Wind of Change  ♦  Your Bones will Join the Myriad Others  ♦  Zacharius's Phylactery

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    • Anonymous

      That summoned demon? Some cheese happened when I fought’m, my slayer deliverer summoned a paladin & every time the demon attacked it, the hits either didn’t register or were rendered immune lol. This allowed my party to take’m out with relative ease.

      • Anonymous

        You can evade the trap from fake banner if you quickly take it and move out of the way,you will be quite far from spawned monsters but its probably better alternative then fight under a big debuff

        • Anonymous

          Don’t let Yaniel die after *First* encountering her (chained, so you can get her equipment like the cheesey cheese-monger you are) or it’ll bork the game’s progress and soft lock you out of going any further (no NPC will spawn to reveal the secret passageway in the Ghoul Pit after the Vrock appears)

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            Does anyone k is a more precise location of the banner? I have been stuck there for half an hour with no luck lol. Thanks

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