Feud of the Faithful


Location Market Square
Reward 530 XP

Feud of the Faithful is a Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Quests can provide unique adventuring experience, as well as powerful gears and treasures. Some quests are time-limited and some can only be completed with certain companions.


Feud of the Faithful Information

Among the topics guaranteed to provoke a reaction at the dinner table, religion certainly produces the most volatile results. Disagreements on this subject can rile even the most even-tempered dinner guests, let alone ministers of faith in a war-ravaged city. Hulrun, prelate and inquisitor of Iomedae, believes that Ramien, priest of Desna, should be put down. Ramien's opinion on the matter is quite different, naturally. Can someone help settle this conflict?


Feud of the Faithful Objectives


Kill Ramien

  • Prelate Hulrun will not rest until Ramien is dead. And, knowing the prelate, it is unlikely he will be satisfied even after that.

Tell Hulrun that Ramien is dead

  • The grisly deed is done — time to deliver the good news to the prelate.

Tell Ramien that Hulrun is dead

  • Whatever the priest of the benevolent goddess may have believed, a peaceful solution to the conflict was never going to be possible. He might not rejoice at the news of his antagonists death, but he will surely be lying if he says the news does not come as a relief.


Feud of the Faithful Walkthrough

  • You can find Hulrun and Ramien at the center of Market Square. After a short confrontation, Hulrun will task you to hunt and Kill Ramien
  • This quest must be finished within a few days of starting the chapter, before the attack on Defender's Heart. Otherwise, Hulrun will kill Ramien himself. Additionally, your choices in this quest will have far-reaching consequences - see below.
  • During the first interaction with Hulrun, you can pick the Chaotic dialogue option to fight Hulrun immediately, or do nothing, or reveal the Light of Heaven to convince him you're trustworthy. Regardless of your choice, Ramien will  turn invisible and run away.
  • You can find Ramien to the north - he's invisible near a fence in front of the Temple of Desna (you can find him regardless his invisibility, if you get close enough to him) - and learn his side of the story. He will also give you the quest Starward Gaze (required for unlocking the Azata mythic path).
  • You have a few choices at this point: kill Ramien, or kill Hulrun, or convince Hulrun not to kill Ramien. If you have not done so already, you can reveal the Light of Heaven to Hulrun to convince him to back down (for now) - you must choose this option now if you want to resolve the quest peacefully.
  • Once you've made your choice of who to support, make sure to talk to them about the Defender's Heart to get them to join the defense. Only one of them can join you.
  • During the quest Starward Gaze when you return to Market Square to find the last Desna acolyte, Hulrun and his inquisitors will show up and attempt to arrest the acolyte. As long as you revealed the Light of Heaven to Hulrun earlier, it is possible to resolve this encounter peacefully by choosing the Good dialogue option and revealing the Light of Heaven again.


  • Your choice of who to side with during this quest will have a number of consequences later in the game - including consequences that may affect the secret Ending, depending on your other choices. Here are a few of them.
    • If you sided with Hulrun: Hulrun's inquisitors will assist you during the attack on Defender's Heart and join you during the assault on Gray Garrison. Hulrun will join your crusade. In Act 5, Hulrun can defend the crusader camp in Iz for you (see Heart of the Fallen Land). He will also reveal the location of Bone Hills for you for the quest The Secrets of Creation.
    • If you sided with Ramien: The Desna priests will assist you during the attack on Defender's Heart and join you during the assault on Gray Garrison, occasionally casting sleep spells on enemies for you. Ramien will join your crusade. In Act 5, Ramien can help you during the quest Cascade of Fire. After Iz, if Hulrun is dead or not on good terms with you, you may be locked out of progressing the quest The Secrets of Creation if you fail the Perception check to detect Bone Hills on the world map.


Feud of the Faithful important NPCs


Feud of the Faithful Completed quest information

The feud between two servants of faith has been settled. A question out of curiosity - what will become of mortals should the gods grow weary of restraining themselves and decide to settle their disputes once and for all? It is likely that when this happens, the days of the crusades will seem to mortals like an era of peace and prosperity.


Feud of the Faithful Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      This quest has so much more to it than the guide says.
      Please consider doing a few runs through, trying every possible branch of the quest...i recommend a true neutral character, and save before you trigger the start of the quest so you can easily check each path out.

      • Anonymous

        I went to the market square after the attack and Hulrun instakilled Ramien. I then killed Hulrun as part of the other Desna disciples quest and now it tells me to tell Ramien Hulrun is dead. Is there a way out of this or is this quest simply impossible to complete now?

        • Anonymous

          Fun fact if you kill Hulrun you completely brick THE SECRETS OF CREATION questline and you won't find out until about 80 hours in.

          • Anonymous

            When you meet Hulrun and Ramien with Ember in your party, she certainly doesn't want to kill him! She doesn't want to kill anyone! It's much more accurate to say that if she's in your party during that scene, you have a perfect excuse to kill Hulrun right away, while still acting lawful.

            • Anonymous

              This quest is very different before and after the tavern attack. If you didn't meet Halrun before the tavern attack you may be very confused and lost (like I was) because none of the guides or FAQs really clarified this. Make sure you search market square before the attack. Same with Starward Gaze, seems to be after the tavern attack.

              • Anonymous

                This is possibly glitched? I killed Hulrun when he tried to attack one of the 3 Dresna disciples. Now the quest is telling me to find Ramien and report that Hulrun is dead but he is no where to be found. I've looked all around the church and casted see invisibility. I saw the little cutscene before the church of someone semi transparent talking but I just ignored and went on, not thinking of it at the time.

                • Anonymous

                  If you come back to market square late enough so that Hulrun's caught Ramien and is about to kill him, if you attack Hulrun immediately and save Ramien, he (poss. with other Desna disciples) will join the defence force instead.

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