The Price of Knowledge


Location Wintersun
Reward 1200 xp

The Price of Knowledge is a Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Quests can provide unique adventuring experience, as well as powerful gears and treasures. Some quests are time-limited and some can only be completed with certain companions.


The Price of Knowledge Information

Is there a limit to the price a true scholar will pay in exchange for knowledge? "Of course there isn't!" exclaims the exuberant neophyte, who has just had her first taste of truth and is willing to do anything to taste it again. Suffering and hardship, fear and degradation, cruelty and betrayal — no price is too high... until the moment comes when it is time to pay up. The only person who can speak on the price of knowledge with any authority is one who has already been obliged to pay it. Someone who has walked close enough to the precipice of death — not undeath, but true, final death — to realize that there is no turning back. Someone whose sanity has been tortured enough to grasp what it would be like to lose one's mind altogether. No, the price of knowledge can sometimes be too high. Gain knowledge by any means, but do not offer yourself as payment. If you do, you will cease to exist — who then will celebrate your discoveries? Scientists and followers? Cold comfort for someone who will not live to see it! An apt illustration of this reasoning can be seen in the fate of one woman who strove for knowledge, but who never imagined how devastating the price of such knowledge would turn out to be...


The Price of Knowledge Objectives


Learn the identity of the mad half-elf woman

  • When they hear the word "scientist," most people picture someone respectable, well-heeled, working in a fully equipped laboratory. But a true scientist may be like this woman — barefoot, with unkempt, prematurely graying hair, pacing around the object of her research day and night, completely oblivious to the withering of her body and mind. Who is she? And what mystery is she attempting to solve?


Learn the fate of Miammir the Scholar

  • Many knights of the Order of the Flaming Lance call themselves scientists and researchers. In fact, their interest in mysticism is practical rather than theoretical. Most of them yearn for knowledge only in order to find a means to wipe out the demons. But there are happy exceptions, such as the order's leader, Miammir the Scholar. She earned this epithet with a string of brilliant discoveries made not in the reverential silence of a laboratory, but on blood-soaked battlefields. What made her leave Kenabres? Where is she now? Is she working on a new project — or perhaps has she already turned her last page?


Tell the leader of the Order of the Flaming Lance about Miammir the Scholar's location

  • What a sorry sight — and it has unfolded in a place of such harsh beauty. A brilliant mind, once capable of leading an order of scholarly knights, is now shriveled like her skin, has turned gray and disheveled like her hair, and has lost its firm grip, like her trembling, gnarled fingers. Who now would recognize Miammir the Scholar in this raving vagrant? At the very least, her fellow order members have the right to know what became of their leader.


Follow the leader of the Order of the Flaming Lance to Miammir the Scholar

  • A brotherhood of scientists is more an ideal than a reality. Even among the knights of a crusader order, there is fertile ground for rivalry, envy, jealousy. What will the current leader of the order say when she sees her predecessor in such an unusual state? Will she weep or will she rejoice? Will she help Miammir to recover, or will she end her suffering? The Commander will not want to miss the final denouement of this story!


Decide the fate of Miammir the Scholar

  • The time has come to learn the truth. Why did Miammir leave Kenabres? What knowledge has she been seeking here, by this petrified tree? And most important of all — were all the hardships she has been forced to endure worth it?


The Price of Knowledge important NPCs

  • Miammir
  • Nystra, Leader of the Flaming Lance Order


The Price of Knowledge Walkthrough

This quest can be started two different ways. Go to Wintersun and find the mad half-elf woman on top of a large hill, or wait for the event in Drezen (in Act 3) where the Order of the Flaming Lance appears looking for a person.

Either way, you cannot progress this quest until the event in the command room at Drezen occurs. Once it does, go to Wintersun and the large hill with the half-elven woman. Alternatively, If you have already found Miammair during a previous adventure in Wintersun, you will have to inform Nystra of her location.  Nystra can be found near the Temple in Drezen after the command room event.

The mad woman is revealed to be Miammir, the missing woman. A siabrae will make an appearance, and you can decide to kill it, let it keep Miammir, or kill both the siabrae and Miammir. Liches have the option to consume the siabrae and defeat it without combat (6912 XP on normal difficulty - you can also loot the remnaints for a Corrosive Quarterstaff +2, Hide Armor +4, Shapeshifter Helm, Ring of Protection +2 and Cloak of Resistence +2). If you defeat the Siabrae, you can loot a Shapeshifter's Helm from it. If you fight Miammir, you can loot a Demon's Terror from her.

If you, meeting her in Wintersun at the top of the hill, only talk to Nystra you can as a chaotic decision order her to leave Miammir alone. Nothing else will happen, no fighting, noone dies.

The Siabrae always casts Polar Midnight as soon as the fight begins.

Whatever the resolution, the quest is completed and you will receive 1200 experience points. Nystra will then appear in Drezen at the Temple yard.


The Price of Knowledge Completed quest information

Miammir the Scholar embarked on research into a highly interesting subject, but have her studies brought any benefit to her? May her fate serve as a lesson to those who come after her: when you make a deal with fate in exchange for great knowledge, be sure to check the price before you sign on the dotted line!


The Price of Knowledge Tips & Tricks

  • Lich path has special interaction in this quest, grants you Siabrae's Secret which increased the DR Adamantine from 10 to 15.



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    • Anonymous

      This quest can be started two different ways. Go to Wintersun and find the mad half-elf woman on top of a guarded by hostile trents (middle of the map, on the right side of the path to Soana's cave), or wait for the event in Drezen (in Act 3) when Klaem, leader of the Order of the Flaming Lance makes an introduction. The quest will only progress after this introduction scene with Klaem where he mentions Miammir. If the quest was initiated first by interacting with the "mad-elf woman", additional dialogue options will progress the quest and reveal she is Miammir. Klaem now intends to go Wintersun and asks the Commander for help. Otherwise, you will have to go to Wintersun to interact with the mad-elf (Miammir) and then got back Drezen to progress the quest and to then go back to Wintersun again. Klaem will be next to Miammir. As soon as you approach, the scenario will trigger. A dialogue tree can Dialogue options will lead to Siabre making an introduction for the objective "Decide the fate of Miammir the Scholar". You have alignment based options of attacking only Siabre (Good), let Siabre keep Miammir (Chaotic), or kill both Siabrae and Miammir (an Evil option and a non-aligned option). And an auto-victory without combat option with the Lich Mythic path (6912 XP on normal difficulty). If you defeat the Siabrae, you can loot a Shapeshifter's Helm, Corrosive Quarterstaff +2, Hide Armor +4, Ring of Protection +2 and Cloak of Resistence +2. If you fight Miammir, you can loot a Demon's Terror from her. Siabre also summons two Plagued Smilodons. If you choose to leave or fight both Miammir and Siabre, Klaem will not interfere and will just walk away during dialogue.
      Whatever the resolution, the quest is completed and you will receive 1,200 experience points on normal, 1,800 on Hard.

      Siabrae always casts Polar Midnight as first option and also uses Plague Storm. Siabre is Undead and can start with AC 42, 310 HP, Level 20 Druid, permamanent True Seeing, Thorn Body, Stoneskin, Seamantle, 11 other buffs (minor level 2 spell mostly) on Hard difficulty. The buffs can be removed with Greater Dispel DC 31.

      Klaem is an essential npc.

      • Anonymous

        Alright, if someone cares: The decree of the "Arrival of the Order of the Flaming Lance" (which is necessary for this quest to solve) came for me on 24 Neth (XI) 4715.
        It was after shortly after I finished "Repelling the Assault" (The quest in which Khorramzadeh's army marches to Drezen on the campaign-map.

        • i had an issue w them not showing up but by searching nystra and starting the 2 bottom things in etudes i got the decree to show up and work, i believe you need both started to get it to work

          • Anonymous

            A little tip I didn't know for a long time, the moment you summon either Queen Galfrey or the Free Crusaders, if you're on the Azata path, to attack the Midnight Fane (On the Cusp of the Abyss quest) all events connected to quests which can only be completed in act 3 and require an event in the citadel to progress will be triggered.

            So if you're waiting for that one dude to show up and you haven't talked to the hand of the Inheritor, try that. And he should show up ímmediatly after entering the citadel.

            • Anonymous

              If you are on the Lich path you gain a buff called Siabrae's Secret which increased the DR Adamantine from 10 to 15, and the ability to cast Stone Skin if you choose to use the Mythic Lich dialogue tagged option during the quest. It also nets you the best ending despite Lich typically being an arse Mythic path.

              Unfortunately it's invisible as an effect unless you look into Toy Box and features, or have a similar mod.

              If the effect actually comes into play, I wouldn't know - I haven't tested it, and only just noticed it now.

              • Anonymous

                I didn't go back to Drezen for a couple of days, the decree was suddenly gone. Now i can't complete the quest.

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