The Final Sunset of Winter


Location Wintersun
Reward ???

The Final Sunset of Winter is a Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Quests can provide unique adventuring experience, as well as powerful gear and treasures. Some quests are time-limited and some can only be completed with certain companions.


The Final Sunset of Winter Information

When a civilization dies, its settlements slowly turn to ruin, like broken bones turning white in the sun, a skeleton now bereft of any kind of life. This is what happened to Sarkoris, whose numerous settlements are now abandoned and forgotten places where long-dead people once lived.
However, something strange is ocurring on Drezen's southern road. A Crusader patrol has vanished where the settlements of old Sarkoris once stood. What is happening in these lands? The Commander must get to the bottom of it.


The Final Sunset of Winter Objectives


Find the missing crusaders

  • A patrol from Drezen has disappeared without a trace. What happened to the soldiers: were they killed? Were they kidnapped? Were they deserters? They went missing on the southern road away from the city. It is only sensible to begin the search there.


Explore the mysterious village

  • The soldiers from the patrol troop are dead. Their bodies were discovered in a valley south of Drezen, in some kind of shrine. By all accounts it looks like the soldiers were killed as a sacrifice. There seems to be a settlement nearby. Answers - and the killers - may be found there.


Deal with the rulers of Wintersun

  • Marhevok wishes to do away with the Commander, and afterward promises to give Drezen to is "rightful masters." He and his Lady of the Sun must answer for all that has happened.


Tell Irabeth what happened

  • Irabeth deserves to know what happened and the fate of her patrol.



The Final Sunset of Winter Walkthrough


  • The quest is available after you take Drezen.
  • Travel to Wintersun, there are multiple quests in this region. However, the clue about the missing crusaders can be found in the village in the southwest.
  • Strange things are happening here: the villagers of this settlement do not see that demons are walking among them. 
  • In front of the chief's house, talk to the blind sculptor and ask her about what happened. You then need to search the village for the broken rune stones. (Quest Unsounded Alarm)
  • When you are ready, go confront the chief. If you have completed the quest Unsounded Alarm, you can point out the runestones were broken, and reduce the number of enemies. 
  • Defeat the demons and chase the chief, when you find Jerribeth, you can decide how to solve the situation. (If you're on the Demon Mythic Path, you get an option to challenge the chief and his dragon to a 2v2 duel with you and a party member of your choice. Marhevok will also leave a Frost Battleaxe this way.)
  • You can force Jerribeth to remove the charm, or break it by yourself (if you are Aeon). You can also decide the fate of the chief, if you let him go with Jerribeth. You will later meet him again in the Ivory Sanctum, in an very unpleasant form.
  • Get the Bone Key (needed for Know Thy Enemy) and report to the sculptor, she will also have some new gear.
  • If you take Jerribeth's offer to keep the town as a neutral zone then an incubus vendor appears in town. Notable items he sells includes: Burning Torment, a +3 Earth Breaker that burns and does strength damage. Noxious Stalker, a +3 Dart that slows and sickens. Mother's Call, a +3 Scythe that can dominate undead targets hit. Precious Treat, an item to boost animal companions attack at the cost of your own. Scroll of Legendary Proportions, Blasphemy, Wail of the Banshee.



The Final Sunset of Winter important NPCs




The Final Sunset of Winter Completed quest information

Wintersun's fate is sealed. The last remnant of old Sarkoris must face an unsettling future.


The Final Sunset of Winter Tips & Tricks

  • Pass the knowledge checks of all Hallit stones (including ones in cave), you can claim a +3 Ricocheting Heavy Crossbow, a Back Rank Assistance Necklace (free ranged attack when an ally lands an attack of opportunity) and Rune-covered ancient leather scrap at Heart of Stone.
    wintersun puzzle wrath of the righteous wiki guide min
  • There is a group of enemies hanging out near the Treants. They can be deceptively strong. Control their movement, then unload AOE damage spells. 
  • Ember is perfectly suited to fighting treants. As long as you have invested in overcoming spell resistance. Otherwise, attacks that target touch AC will be your best bet, with a small bit of fire damage to finish the fights and disable their regeneration. (Preferably something that can bypass spell resistance.)
  • The ancient blighted treant has a trample attack that allows them to walk through your units and knock them down. Standing back up will make you suffer some seriously nasty attacks of opportunity. You can use positioning to block the treant's move and prevent them from using the trample. Be prepared to counter diseases when engaging in melee.
  • Fighting the chieftain can seem difficult but there are really only 2 ways this fight will go: you take his hits to the face and kill everyone else first, or you pour everything you have on him. Squishy supports need to hang far back if you don't have someone to stop the chief from moving. If you choose the latter strategy, communal protection/resistance to cold will help you ignore the dragon long enough to focus on the chief. The dragon itself has high AC but if you have a fast moving character that can take a few hits, you can stall the dragon until you are ready to deal with him. It is essential to be able to remove the chief's Mirror Image spell. Lann and Regill both perform this task very well. (Ulbrig can hold back one of them in his Griffin form's Grappling skill - if you invested enough strength in him, with equipment and other buffs. But that would also hold him in the grappling position, leaving you one less capable fighter, until you clean up the place.)
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    • Anonymous

      If you dispel the curse Gesmerha becomes chief and sells goods while sat on the throne.
      The Debilitator, a +3 two bladed sword that does strength and constitution damage
      Fatal Beacon, a +3 holy sword that disables enemy attacks of opportunity and debuffs reflex and athletic saves
      Hide Armor of Elemental Carnage, +4 hide armor that adds 1 elemental damage to spells
      Perfected Manouver, boots of +3 CMD
      Pure Savagery, a +3 two handed flail that acts as a size larger weapon and does piercing/bludgeoning damage and +4 Persuasion
      Mad Sculptor, a +3 heavy pick that has construct bane and does an additional 1d6 precision damage if outnumbered

      • Anonymous

        If you take Jerribeth's offer to keep the town as a neutral zone then an incubus vendor appears in town.
        Notable items he sells includes:
        Burning Torment, a +3 Earth Breaker that burns and does strength damage
        Noxious Stalker, a +3 Dart that slows and sickens
        Mother's Call, a +3 Scythe that can dominate undead targets hit
        Precious Treat, an item to boost animal companions attack at the cost of your own
        Scroll of Legendary Proportions, Blasphemy, Wail of the Banshee

        • Anonymous

          If you're on the Demon Mythic Path, you get an option to challenge the chief and his dragon to a 2v2 duel with you and a party member of your choice. This removes all other opponents at the cost of cutting 4/6 of your own party

          • Anonymous

            If you worship Sarenrae, you can get a major buff for 24 hours starting during the confrontation with the chief.

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