Earth's Embrace


Location Graveyard
Required DLC Through the Ashes

Earth's Embrace is a Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Quests can provide unique adventuring experience, as well as powerful gears and treasures. Some quests are time-limited and some can only be completed with certain companions.


Earth's Embrace Information

The escapees have broken free from the underground, but it is too soon to celebrate their return to the land of the living. They are surrounded by disturbed graves — it seems they are not the only ones who have recently escaped the earth's cold embrace.


Earth's Embrace Objectives

Help the survivors

  • The restless dead are pursuing a group of surviving townspeople. If the escapees do not help them, they may be next on the menu.


Escape the graveyard

  • While living townsfolk die in the demons' clutches, the dead are rising from their graves. The escapees' choices are limited: find a way out of the corrupted graveyard, or stay here forever.


Earth's Embrace Walkthrough

dlc graveyard map 1 wrath of the righteous wiki guide

Agree to help Sendri  to get Fever Cure errand. You can loot a rope from the undeads.

Inside the abandoned churh you meet Inai, who will ask you find what came of the hospital she worked at (Refuge for the Afflicted). You can make a camp here before venturing forth.

Bring Langrat to the grave northeast to the church to complete Day of Remembrance.

Kill the graverobbers at northwest region to loot Alluring Charisma +2 and Ring of Sharp Strike.

Inside Ring of Protection +1, Scroll of Remove Disease, and Wand of Acid Arrow from the bookshelves. The scroll can be used on Brodie to cure him, otherwise he will die right after you enter next region.

You can leave the region after defeating the zombie warlord at the north center section of the map.


Book Event 2

Stage 1

  • ...look for a way to shield themselves from the flames.
    • Auto-Success - Frada with tools, Bemir with tools, Inai, Brodie with tools
    • Skill Check (No damage on failure) - Frada (World 15), Bemir (Thievery 18), Brodie (Nature 13)
    • Failure - Langrat
  • the abandoned homes for anything that might help them. (Items)
    • Auto-Success - Frada with tools/Bemir/Brodie (Weapons), Bemir (Assortment of items), Langrat with tools (Assortment of items), Brodie (Tools)
    • Skill Check (No damage on failure) - Frada with Langrat or Inai (Athletics 14, weapons)
    • Critical Failure - Frada (alone), Langrat with Frada/Bemir/Inai/Brodie (Assortment of items), Langrat (Alone)
    • Other - Inai
    • Note: Can get extra gold from Langrat with Bemir, but causes Bemir damage. Langrat with Inai gives extra items. Langrat with Brodie gives a set of tools.
  • the poor souls trapped in the inferno. (Heal 1 survivor damage to all)
    • Auto-Success - Frada
    • Skill Check - Langrat (Mobility 18), Brodie (Mobility 13)
    • Failure - Bemir
    • Critical Failure - Inai (Gets the heal for succeeding, but takes 2 damage in the process which gets mitigated to 1 by heal)
  • ...advance through the flames.
    • (If not successfully shielded from the flames) All survivors take 1 damage
    • (If Inai is with group and was not sent to search the abandoned homes) Party members gain shaken debuff

Stage 2

  • Langrat may play music during this choice. The music is good or bad depends on where you complete his quest. He is unavailable if he is playing music. DCs will be presented as good/no music/bad. Note that Langrat has additional CDs too despite not being able to do anything while playing.
  • ...look for a way through the ruins.
    • Auto-Success - Brodie with Pickaxe (Sent Brodie to search abandoned homes)
    • Skill Check (Rope prevents failure damage for everyone but Bemir) - Frada (World 11/14/17), Bomir (Stealth 10/13/16), Langrat (Perception 11/14/17), Inai (Perception 11/14/17), Brodie (Athletics 11/14/17)
  • ...bury the fallen crusader. (PCs gain Bless)
    • Auto-Success - Frada with tools, Bemir with tools, Inai with tools, Brodie
    • Skill Check - Frada (World 10/13/16), Bemir (Religion 11/14/17, no failure damage), Inai (Nature, 11/14/17, still gain Bless on failure)
    • Failure - Langrat
  • ...explore the terrifying cellar that filled them with dread. (Items)
    • Auto-Success - Langrat (Quest completed), Brodie
    • Skill Check - Frada (Mobility 11/14/17, success does not mitigate damage), Bemir (Will 11/14/17)
    • Critical Failure - Langrat (Quest not completed, dead)
    • Other - Inai refuses
  • ...make camp amidst the treacherous ruins. (No reward)
    • Athletics 15, on failure damage to survivors
  • ...move on.
    • (If way through the ruins not successfully found) All survivors take 1 damage
    • (If Bemir searched the abandoned homes) PC gains a debuff for -1 to attack rolls


Earth's Embrace important NPCs



Earth's Embrace Completed quest information

By escaping the desecrated graveyard, the group has drawn one step closer to the end of their journey. They have left the wandering dead behind, but the city ahead is teeming with monsters that are very much alive.


Earth's Embrace Tips & Tricks

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