The Art of Making Friends



Bad Luck Tavern
Upper City

Reward Aspect of the Asp

The Art of Making Friends is a Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Quests can provide unique adventuring experience, as well as powerful gears and treasures. Some quests are time-limited and some can only be completed with certain companions.


The Art of Making Friends Information

Demon society is based on the dictate of power, and the latter establishes the simple principles of hierarchy adopted in the Abyss. Those who are at the top of this hierarchy do not like to be bothered by those who stand several steps below. The one who wants to be heard by Nocticula herself should seek to be in good graces with the person who stands just a step down from the Lady in Shadow and who enjoys a special privileged status in the Midnight Isles queen's book.


The Art of Making Friends Objectives

Learn more about Alushinyrra's leaders

  • How can one identify the leaders of Alushinyrran society,  when that society resembles a murky concoction that is constantly stirred up by chaos? the process is easier that it may seem. All it requires is to engage one's inquisitiveness and ask the right questsions of the right interlocutors. Expose the nocious bre that is Alushinyrra to the heat of one's curiosity and it will soon begin to break down into its component factions - some of its elements will settle at the bottom as useless sediment, while others will rise to the top.

Secure an audience at the Harem of Ardent Dreams

  • Walls are the material embodiment of any hierarchy. The first thing that was created after the invention of the social ladder were fences and barriers, which visually illustrate the social boundaries separating the best from the worst. Even demons need walls — if only to break through them and scribble them with obscenities that demonstrate their disrespect for the authorities. It is no wonder then that, in order to qualify for Shamira's attention, one must overcome one of the most prestigious and well-guarded borders — and get into the Harem of Ardent Dreams.

Find Ziforian

  • Shamira suspects that, in order to learn the truth about the Nahyndrian Crystal, it would be useful to talk with Ziforian — her predecessor who was banished by Nocticula from her position of Alushinyrra's ruler after an attempted coup. This biographical fact, which would make Ziforian an outcast and untrustworthy type in cultures of many worlds, is not considered shameful at all in the demons' beliefs. After all, treachery, betrayal and disloyalty to higher authority are considered honorable in the Abyss, and Ziforian deserves condemnation for just one reason — he failed and was ousted.

Get inside the Mage's Tower in the Upper City

  • Ziforian's key can take you to the tower of a mage who used to live in Alushinyrra long ago. There is every reason to suggest that he knew a lot about the Nahyndrian crystals, because he used them to obtain magical energy. Essentially a huge part of magic is devoted to solving this particular issue — the most efficient ways to extract energy and special features from items in a mage's possession, and to that into useful magical effects. If this mage, who is long dead by now, succeeded in his pursuits, his tower may contain important hints and clues.

Find a Nahyndrian crystal

  • The Storyteller believes he will be able to tell more about the Nahyndrian crystals if he gets his hands on one. The most obvious way to find a sample of the mineral is to look in the place where it is excavated. That would likely be some kind of mine or natural quarry.

Talk to Shamira

  • The truth about the origin of the Nahyndrian crystals has been ascertained. All that remains is to go to Shamira and share this recently acquired knowledge... or perhaps not. Everyone knows that the demon instinct is to rebel at all costs - sometimes conspicuous disobedience can lead to greater respect than diligent service.


The Art of Making Friends Walkthrough

  • Go to the Bad Luck Tavern, the owner there can share some rumors about the Alushinyrra's leaders with you.
  • The Harem of Ardent Dreams is located on a floating isle to the east of Fleshmarkets, you need to wait until it connects the market to reach there. You can gain access by complete the quest Rapture of Rapture.
    middle city pathfinder kingmaker wiki guide
  • Talk to Shamira after quest Rapture of Rapture, she will task you to find out the secrets of Nahyndrian crystal.
  • Travel to Lower City. Ask one of the beggars about Ziforian, then, go to the east part of the area (Where you found Chivarro, below the Rotten Guttery, near the path you enter the city for the first time), there's another beggar telling you need to find the leader of beggars to learn the info about Ziforian. The Beggar leader is part of the group of beggars, not far south-west from him, to get the info you need to pass diplomacy, buff or trickery checks.
  • Or, if you pay 100,000 to the owner of Bad Luck Tavern, you will learn Ziforian is actually the beggar standing in front of Battlebliss Arena.
  • Talk to Ziforian and get his key, you need to enter mage tower through the Upper City. (Near Willodus' Mansion on a raised platform; interact with a button to summon the entrance)
  • If you have collected enough  Elven Notes, you will realize that is the Storyteller's tower. Be careful while exploring this area, there are tons of traps and 2 golems guarding it.
  • After you reached the second level of the tower, go outside and ignite two crystals to reveal the door to the top level. (you may need to rotate the camera angle to make it connect.)
  • Search the tower, you will find some valuable loots. There is also a strange door on the top level, open it and it will teleport the storyteller to the tower. (If you want to romance Queen Galfrey, ask Storyteller to send a letter for you.)
  • Next, you need to find a Nahyndrian crystal. Go back to Nexus and search the cave, the storyteller's compass buzzes when the crystals are near. There's an invisible wall behind the bones of the giants, behind that: Go to the bottom right corner of the cave to find the crystal. Be careful once you get the crystals, several enemies will appear and attack your team so get ready.
  • Return to Storyteller and give him the crystal. You will need to pass several will check and knowledge check to learn the full story behind the crystal.
  • Back to Shamira, you can chose to reveal the secrets to her, or keep it to your self (3 will checks or Aeon will always succeed), either way the quest is completed.
  • (If you select "Think to yourself" Shamira will read your mind and reward you with an Handaxe Slaver's Fury otherwise if you keep the secret, Nocticula will reward you an amulet Aspect of the Asp)


The Art of Making Friends important NPCs


The Art of Making Friends Completed quest information

The investigation regarding Nahyndrian crystals is over. And filling Alushinyrra are countless rumors about the amazing Golarian, whom Shamira entrusts with the most delicate missions.


The Art of Making Friends Tips & Tricks

  • Level 5 Priest spell Life Bubble makes Will checks easier in case you decided to hide imformation from Shamira. Thats because Shamira casts Mind Fog spell when you are refusing to provide results of your investigation and Life Bubble grants protection from this.
  • If you side with Shamira, you will get Demonic Overlord. You gain a +5 inherent bonus to Persuasion skill checks made to intimidate. All demons summoned by Demonic Overlord receive an immunity to fire, are under Shield of Dawn effect and immune to charm and compulsion effects. Demonic Overlord also gains the following ability: Profane Invocation: Demonic Overlord can grant himself a +2 profane bonus to two ability scores. Simultaneously only one such effect can be in place.
  • Other Note and tips go here... 


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    • Anonymous

      I've struggled quite a lot trying to conceal the information from Shamira on my 10 wisdom main but I've managed to overcome this using a few trick:
      1.Life bubble as described in the article.
      2.Equiping something that increases wisdom by 6.
      3.Using Zosiel's "touch of good" right before entering the dialogue, which grants additional 8 points to wisdom check on level 16.
      4.(Surprisingly) using Mind Blank spell, which reduced the total DC of will check by 10.

      • Anonymous

        If you have the Hand of the Inheritor following you around, you are allowed one failure when concealing the information from Shamira.

        • Anonymous

          On the second floor of the mage's tower, if you manage to lit all the four crystals, 2 chests spawn: one with "Spirit Trakers" boots, and another with 15000 gold coins

          • Anonymous

            Level 5 Priest spell Life Bubble makes Will checks easier in case you decided to hide imformation from Shamira. Thats because Shamira casts Mind Fog spell when you are refusing to provide results of your investigation and Life Bubble grants protection from this.- There is no spell lie Life bubble

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