Where your Soul Calls


Location Multiple locations
Reward 800 xp

Where your Soul Calls is a Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Quests can provide unique adventuring experience, as well as powerful gears and treasures. Some quests are time-limited and some can only be completed with certain companions.


Where your Soul Calls Information

The most wondrous music comes from the soul, and the most powerful magic comes from the heart. At least that's what the Commander's followers claim. They want to awaken his spiritual power and teleport him to the place his power yearns for. Where might that be? The breathtaking vistas of Elysium? The floating halls of the goddess Desna? The only way to find out is to rush bravely into the unknown.


Where your Soul Calls Objectives


Follow the call of the soul

  • Eager to create something extraordinary, the three Desnan adepts have devised an unusual ritual. Its intended purpose is to trace the Commander's secret longings and teleport him to the place his soul calls for, quite literally. Ilkes, Aranka, and Wallflower are waiting for the Commander's signal to begin the ritual.


Get out of the trap

  • The mysterious place turned out to be a trap. It is protected by powerful magic and Abyssal emanations that allow one to enter but not exit. There is no door to break down, no lock to pick. The commander must explore the trap and fina a way out.


Return to the Court and talk to Ilkes, Wallflower and Aranka

  • The call of his soul brought the Commander to a place the Desnan adepts never expected. How will they react to their ritual yielding such unforessen results?



Where your Soul Calls Walkthrough

Written on Hard difficulty, things presumably vary on other difficulties.

Upon agreeing to follow the call of your soul, you are transported into a small map containing an area exit to the world map and an exit to a small hut. Inside the hut you can find a couple of containers with no major loot, and some items that you can inspect. When inspecting one of them, you are pulled into a trap - a room with no apparent exits. Pass a DC 24 Lore (Nature) check, loot what you can (notable: Headband of Vast Intelligence +4) and make your way to the interactable crystal.


You are prompted with a cutscene that shows some experiments, and then immediately begin conversation with Suture, the custodian of the place. He invites you to look around and explore. It seems this is Areelu Vorlesh's old laboratory, and that there's a way in but no way out other than for demons. Except apparently Arueshalae doesn't count, because she smells like Desna? Oh well. (there seems to be a particular line to explain why Arue can't leave the laboratory if you have her with you). Suture warns you of the dangers of the place before he leaves you to your own devices, and a door opens to let you through.

Straight ahead down the corridor, take the door on the right to see a dead minotaur chilling on a chair like this is normal. The wardrobe behind him has the Cloak of the Ancient Herald.

Turn back towards the corridor, this time opening open the door on the left side. You are faced with a small room containing 3 shadow demons (level 7) and another shadow demon with Greater Invisibility on it that has 7 outsider, 12 bard and 6 mythic levels and inspires courage on his allies. It casts Haste, Slow, Confusion and Dominate Person, Mirror Image and Glitterdust, so be ready to counter that if your party allows it. My level 10 party made short work of the adds while some skeletons soaked the damage. Animate Dead is quite helpful with the higher level demon also, as the skeletons don't take too much damage from the cold and slashing attacks. Arue with ranger's bond helps burst it down, as this is a demon of magic and she had already had Favored Enemy - Demons of Magic when I recruited her. True Sight should work as well.

When you're close to killing it, the demon teleports away, allowing you to loot the nearby chest containing a +3 Speed Cold Iron Rapier.

Further down the corridor you come to a trap. The disarming trigger is located behind the trap, at a crossroads patrolled by a Tarry Demodand (18 Outsider) from the left side. Disarm the trap and you should now be at a crossroads where you can go to the right, left or the Old Wing.

To the right, four level 6 corrupted rat swarms are easily handled while I alt+tabbed to write this sentence. The circular room contains a DC34 Knowledge(Arcana) check on a device used in experiments on monsters. Ancient Scrap of Script-Covered Leather can be found in one of the two shelves, as well as some various misc items.

To the left you will first find a room with some Greater Carnivorous Crystals (16 Aberration) inside. I recommend waiting in the hallway until the Demodand comes back, and taking her on separately, as the crystals can CC you while the Demodand beats you up. Regular attacks put her down in a single round though. 

The crystals have the permanent buff Subsonic Hum (1 round stun at a DC of 32 on hard, which happens every round. If you make a DC29 fortitude save, you can't be affected for the next 24h) and they Slam for 4d8+21, with a +32 to hit. They can be dangerous if you have your party in range for their Hum, but some archers can probably dispatch them just fine. I rushed in and beat them down, that worked pretty well also.

The room the crystals were in contains a DC29 Knowledge(World) check. Continue down the corridor towards the 3 closed doors up ahead. The first door will be a small room containing the Expedition Boots and "Experiment: the Suture" Crystal, as well as some Elven Notes for the Storyteller. The second room contains a note that reveals Areelu Vorlesh was researching Midnight Bolts and looking to test them. It appears she was set on doing so at the Kenabres celebrations, which is probably why you also found a Midnight Bolt in Kenabres back in chapter 1. The third room contains a trap that guards a Skullberry Pie recipe, a note with Areelu's random thoughts on the Kenabres fight, and some clutter. Proceed down the hall, towards an exit to The Heart Of The Lab, and an open room.

The last room on this floor has a dwarf, an elf and a crusader gathered around an imprisoned angel. They seem to think you're there to assist 'the traitor'. A DC28  diplomacy check (or a Chaotic option, if you're on the Azata mythic path) will help you get some answers: the elf was brought down here by Areelu, the crusader had the same experience you had with the magic portal, and the druid doesn't talk and feeds them. Areelu left the place and abandoned everyone inside. The demons killed off some of the people, and these three have survived by sticking close to the angel, eating what the druid grows and probably Netflix&chill. They also reveal they heard the demons talking about the Lexicon of Paradox, which sounds valuable. The room contains a piece of cold iron and some misc items. You can now make your way to the Old Wing or The Heart Of The Lab.

The Old Wing - 

The first closed door you find hosts an old mongrel saved by Areely from being burned at the pyre by crusaders. You may choose to free him, at which point he reveals he's a witch. I guess the pyre might've been a good idea after all. He attacks you, but he goes down pretty easily. Lann isn't particularly happy about killing one of his own, but acknowledges it's necessary.

The corridor has yet another closed door, as well as a sharp left turn where a minotaur patrols. He gets easily distracted by Animate Dead's skeletons and allows you to pepper him with arrows from a safe distance. The closed door hides this dude's twin brother who was hooking up with a Tarry Demodand and a Tarry Demodand Marauder, while the Shadow Demon you fought before watches from the... shadows? No sock on the door means you're okay to enter, but they'll get mad and attack for some reason. Use your words, my dudes. 

This is a tougher fight than the shadow demon fight, so I'm skipping it for now tbh and coming back. 

Back down the corridor, you have an open door with seemingly nothing, although I think I might've just failed a Perception check. Across from that there's a closed door hiding an Omox (level 13) and 2 Incubi (level 8). They're pretty easy, so enter the room and deal with them, and make sure to disarm the trap as well. After passing the DC28 Knowledge(Arcana) check in the room, exit through the other door back to the hallway. The room across the hall contains the Helmet of Comradery behind a DC32 perception check.

 Back to the corridor and moving further along you'll stumble across 2 more doors. The first one leads to a locked door that houses a pretty bad fight. Mind fog + stinking cloud, Unholy Nexus from an overly leveled dude.. I got murdered back there, but we'll come back to that once we progress the quest a bit.

 The next door in the corridor has 2x Omox (level 13) right at the front. Deal with them, and then further in the room you'll find another 2 Omox (13) and 2 Oolioddroo (14), as well as the shadow demon in the other corner won't be too big of a deal. It's the same one from before. It of course teleports away before you manage to kill it. A set of elven notes is what you get from the ordeal, as well as a Heavy Crossbow of Degradation and another crystal - "Secret of Great Sorcery" - located in one of the two side rooms.

The next door in the corridor is actually right next to the one we just left, hidden behind a perception check. It contains a bit of lore, some more of Areelu spying on you and a Shock Flaming Corrosive Cold Iron Kukri+3. It looks like this is Areelu's bedroom/study/whatever.

The hallway ends with some of the fog that previous cutscenes/dialogs were hinting at, so we should head back and check the closed door with the minotaur, demodands and shadow demon. Be careful though - at his point, the shadow demon resurrects after you kill it, so make sure you save buffs like Haste for when the resurrection happens. But she doesn't seem to teleport this time, so maybe it's finally dead? Either way, the room can be looted for a Speed Composite Longbow +3 and the usual assortment of various items. And now we can head back upstairs and venture into The Heart Of The Lab.

The Heart Of The Lab - 

After the cutscenes regarding your companions' wildest dreams (wink wink, Daeran, you incestuous little prick) and be lead into an ambush with various demons. When you're done with the encounter, you jump into a dialog with the voices who called you into the fog. Unless you're on the Trickster mythic path, I don't believe there's anything else you can do other than destroy the thing. Once you're done with that, there's a video of Areelu to be watched on the next crystal video player. 

Interacting with the fog just up ahead will cause Suture to come in and give you the key. Moving forward through the fog, you can find another note from Areelu which seems to indicate she's been watching your every move. The hallway will then open to another room, where you can find a crystal video player that you can use to play the crystals you've received so far, as well as the "Experiment: Transformation crystal" somewhere around the room. Playing the crystals will reveal that Areelu was trying to make herself a "full-fledged half-demon", that Suture was one of her earlier experiments towards this purpose and that 'someone' likes to use mommy's video player when she's not home. 

This room also contains the Lexicon of Paradox, which gives you your next mythic level, as well as dropping some knowledge on you: Areelu Vorlesh wanted you to shoot Deskari back in Kenabres. In fact, she's the one who made Suture disguise himself as a guard and give you a weapon. She needed Deskari's blood. With it, she forged a weapon that could destroy the Wardstones. Also, she knew you'd come for the Lexicon, and was apparently okay with this. At this point you can "open a rift" which I assume takes you back to the 3 numbnuts who sent you here, but keep exploring instead. Level up your mythic skills. search the room for some misc loot and the Buckler of Ray Negation before you leave, and continue north to find a small stash of items and unlock the foggy door. Move through the big room and when exiting, you'll see the fog you saw before, to the left - we can go through it this time.

On the other side of the door you're awaited by a high level Derakni and two Mariliths. They all hit many times per turn if they get off a full attack, so they can crit pretty hard and they can drop multiple squishies in a single round if they jump into the middle of your ranks. The Derakni resurrects with full hp after it dies, because that's fun and fair. 

Coming back now to the previous kill room, the one with the Nalfeshnee, Vrocks and Coloxus Defiler, make sure to use Delay Poison:Communal to counter Stinking Cloud. The daze is pretty bad, so either make the tank run in to soak it and then you send the damage to clean up, or alternatively buff up your saves.

Once you're done, you can leave through the rift that can be opened back where you got the Lexicon. Returning to the dimwits that basically tried to kill you rewards you with 800 xp. I guess you can count this as actual life experience - don't trust strangers with a transportation device that you cannot control.



Where your Soul Calls important NPCs


Areelu Vorlesh


Where your Soul Calls Completed quest information

The call of the soul turned out to be either a mistake or a trap... Or could this truly be the place the Commander's soul was yearning for?


Where your Soul Calls Tips & Tricks

  • Notes and tips go here



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