More than Nothing is a Quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Quests can provide unique adventuring experience, as well as powerful gears and treasures. Some quests are time-limited and some can only be completed with certain companions.



Talk to Nenio

  • The great - by her own assessment - researcher Nenio has agreed to take on a new companion. It is impossible to say where this acquaintance will lead, but it is clear that the first experiment will hardly be the last.

Visit the Nameless Ruins with Nenio

  • Nameless Ruins. The name itself hints that there is nothing of interest in this place. But not for Nenio, who claims that her nose for an intriguing mystery has never failed her.

Solve the riddles of the Nameless Ruins

  • Four statues posed their riddles to Nenio and the Commander. Solving these riddles will allow them to meet the owner of the mysterious voice who seems to know the answers to all the questions of the universe. This mysterious stranger may be dangerous, but Nenio is willing to take that risk.

Help Nenio unravel the mystery of the Enigma

  • The place Nenio was so determined to reach turned out to be a mysterious Abyssal plane called the Enigma. Despite everything, Nenio wants to explore this plane, but why? Simple morbid curiosity or something more?

Unravel the mystery of the Enigma

  • Nenio boldly forged ahead with her intentions to uncover the secrets of the Enigma on her own. If the Commander is interested in her fate or the Enigma's mysteries, he will have to keep going.

Strike down Areshkagal

  • Areshkagal's nihilistic sophistry did not seem to impress the Commander,  and now Areshkagal intends to wow him using more conventional methods.

Talk to "Nenio"

  • The Scientist's mask is off, revealing the gaping hole of emptiness that acquired consciousness and decided it could be something greater than what it was. A conversation with the Commander will put things into perspective.



  • You can meet Nenio in one of the random encounters in Kenabres.
  • During your adventure, you will frequently meet a mysterious stranger mumbling, the absence of answer is also an answer.
  • After you become the knight commander, take Nenio to the Nameless Ruins. (In a cave at this location, you can find Elven Notes for the Storyteller)
  • The path to the ruins has lots of traps, so move slowly and try to disarm them as you advance. You also need to fight some gargoyles and plague bears.
  • Interacting with the statue will reveal the true form of Nenio and you will be presented with a riddle that can't be solved yet. 
  • nameless ruins puzzle wrath of the righteous wiki guide
  • As you leave, interact with the symbol on the ground (2 circles, left and lower left poles) to reveal a hidden chest.
  • You need to collect 4 masks to solve the puzzle: Circle Mask (Found in Ivory Sanctum), Summit Mask (Found in Pulura's Fall, need to solve the puzzle to unlock the chamber), Darkness Mask (Found in Heart of Mystery), Question Mask (Found in Ineluctable Prison, in the room with Baphomet's Chosen).
  • Note: Nenio's quest is closed tied to Storyteller's quest, you need to solve these puzzles to find enough elven notes. Also, when you solved Heart of Mystery, you can fight an aspect of Areshkagal and get Mask of the Most Worthy.
  • I am the void and emptiness – Circle Mask, I am the end of the road – Summit Mask, I am the Unknown – Darkness Mask, Impetus to Act – Question Mask
  • To face Areshkagal, you need to solve the puzzles in Enigma. Puzzle answer pictures are taking facing north unless otherwise stated.
  • Top right wing puzzle (click the same symbols):
  • first enigma puzzle
  • Put Blue Binding Source on Dried-Up Magic Spring to unlock doors. (can be removed after the door is opened)
  • Fill the Dried-Up Magic Springs, then press the 2 buttons in Forbidden Chamber to unlock the middle door in this chamber. (get Green Binding Source)
  • Bottom right wing arrow puzzle (picture not taken facing north, align using the power lines at the edges): 
  • second enigma puzzle

  • Green/Red symbols puzzle: 
  • third enigma puzzle

  • Top right wing second same symbol puzzle:
  • fourth enigma puzzle

  • Areshkagal statue Riddle: "I reject ..." "I shall forget ..." "Oh, great Areshkagal!" "I shall become..." "Put your meaning..." "I am nothing ..." then pass the Will or Lore (Religion) check.
  • Bottom left wing same symbol puzzle (orientated looking west (arrow points right):
  • fifth enigma puzzle

  • Top Left wing arrow puzzle:
    sixth enigma puzzle
  • Top Left wing same symbol puzzle:
    seventh enigma puzzle
  • Bottom Left wing Green/Red symbols puzzle:
    eighth enigma puzzle
  • Enigma center puzzle, put green binding source on outer ring Dried-Up Magic Springs. Blue binding source on inner Dried-Up Magic Springs. Then step on the last symbol of every row of symbols, start from top left, clockwise. After that, interact with the device in the center to summon Areshkagal projection.
  • While fighting Areshkagal, use Midnight Bolt on her to gain a New Nahyndrian Crystal. (Important for secret ending)


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Resort  ♦  The Last Steps  ♦  The League of the Inspiring Cart  ♦  The Light Within  ♦  The Music of the Abyss  ♦  The Outcast  ♦  The Pillar's Counsel  ♦  The Price of Knowledge  ♦  The Price of Loyalty  ♦  The Queen Incognito  ♦  The Ravenous Brood  ♦  The Road to Good and Justice  ♦  The Root of Betrayal  ♦  The Secrets of Creation  ♦  The Ultimate Joke  ♦  The Way Back  ♦  The Wayward  ♦  The Weight of My Sword  ♦  The Wicked  ♦  The Words of the Aeon  ♦  Third Wheel  ♦  Threat in the Rearguard  ♦  Till Death do Us Part  ♦  Time to Think  ♦  To the End!  ♦  Traces of Shadows  ♦  Traitor's Spirit  ♦  Traitors of Kenabres  ♦  Transformation (Quest)  ♦  Treading on Corpses  ♦  Triumph of Justice  ♦  Twenty-One Ceremonial Daggers  ♦  Undead Uprising  ♦  Underground Army  ♦  Unsounded Alarm  ♦  Untamed Spirit  ♦  Valas's Gift  ♦  Vengeance of Sarkoris  ♦  Victims of Seduction  ♦  Vilareth Ford's Outpost  ♦  Visit Arueshalae in Prison  ♦  Watch Your Step  ♦  Weary Guardian  ♦  What do you Dream Of  ♦  What is Your Heart's Desire  ♦  Where's My Dragon  ♦  Where your Soul Calls  ♦  While the World Burns  ♦  Wind of Change  ♦  Your Bones will Join the Myriad Others  ♦  Zacharius's Phylactery


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    • Anonymous

      There's an inscription on the wall in the top-left-most room that reads "True treasures are always kept in darkness." This means that any container in the top-left section that does not have a light next to it contains actual loot, not sand, and is safe to loot. All the other ones detonate when looted. Also, a high perception can make the dangerous containers disappear when approached.

      • Anonymous

        How are you supposed to get the New Nahyndrian Crystal?
        I saved before fighting it, first I totally wrecked the enemies, but I didn't get it. (The Bolts actually "missed" according to the log, though they are supposed to not being able to miss).
        Then I redid it, trying to shot different Areshkagals, and almost died trying. Again no crystal.
        Read somewhere else it works during the Elemental Phase, so I tried shooting every elemental Areshkagal with a different midnight bolt, again, almost died, don't know why it was so much easier first try.... and again, no crystal.

        • Anonymous

          I'm either to dumb for this, or it's bugged.

          I'm at the enigma, and I can't do the puzzles.
          I place the orbs in the sockets, some power up something, some don't.

          there at least two puzzles I can't do because I think they have no power. But again, I put blue stones in every socket lining up with said puzzles, but still can't do anything...

          • Anonymous

            So the author of this article understands that the center is circular, thus there is no top-left? Also, all of their pictures are in whatever direction they cared to face at the time, and never clarified.

            • Anonymous

              The question mask is in Ineluctable Prison. you need to solve one of the wall puzzles to get the chest that has the mask in it. the puzzle solution is on the Ineluctable Prison page.

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